Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Thanks

"May my feet rest firmly on the ground. May my head touch the sky. May I see clearly. May I have the capacity to listen. May I be free to touch. May my words be true. May my heart and mind be open. May my hands be empty to fill the need. May my arms be open to others. May my gifts be revealed to me. So I may return that which has been given, completing the great circle."
--The Terma Collective

Today I am thankful for:

1. Gil and Dawn's stories about Alaska.
2. Laughter.
3. Graduations - Congrats and blessings to Kelsey and Juanita!
4. Getting to bless our graduates and their families at church - what a privelege.
5. The last time I will have to be at both churches on one Sunday morning! Woo-hoo!
6. Sitting with my hubby in church.
7. Leftovers for lunch.
8. LONG naps after a BUSY weekend!
9. Reading on the patio in the sun... would have been nicer if the wind wasn't so strong!
10. Shopping. :)


Beth said...

What did you buy??

Megs said...

Clothes - a couple new shirts and "skorts" - Ha! Skorts have come a long way, baby!!!

Melissa said...

I want to see a skort! I'm in love with Gauchos (sp?).

I told Jake today that wind bugs, I prefer a nice breeze. :)

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