Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Fun and Fave Five - May 8th

Here's another round of get-to-know-you questions - have fun!

What birthday party with friends do you remember well? Ha ha ha - lots of them! In high school, my girlfriends "kidnapped" me - they came to the house, woke me up really early on a Saturday, dressed me up in curlers, a bath robe and slippers and took me to Baker's Square for breakfast (the whole way over, telling me that the guy I had a crush on was working!). It was a fun morning.
My 30th birthday will always be remembered too! My hubby surprised me with three of my best girlfriends, a limo, and a late night in the city - then a sleepover, and he made breakfast for us in the morning. So fun!
How important is it for you to be popular? Well, in elementary school this was the be-all end-all. I remember having conversations with both of my parents as a little kid, trying to figure out what it would take to be one of the "popular" kids. Well, it never happened. I was always a little too nerdy, not quite wealthy enough, and never cool enough. And that's ok. I had my close friends and that's all that mattered. I think we all want to be "liked" but as an adult, I know it won't always be that way. And that's ok. Life goes on.

Do your friends tend to have easygoing or difficult personalities? Easygoing! I wouldn't know what to do with friends that were difficult. I lose patience with "high maintenance" people too easily!

Where is your favorite place to sit at home? In the "loft," on the "magic couch," with my feet up on the ottoman, the window open with a nice breeze, and sun shining in... I'm there right now!

What frustrates you most about your current relationships? Physical distance. Some of my best friends, and my hubby's best friends, live far away... So we don't get to see them much. With today's "electronic" ways of communicating... it's just not the same. People don't stay connected on a "deeper" level anymore.

What grabs your attention when someone walks by? Unusual style. The way a person carries themselves. Loud or unusual behavior. People who think they're better than everyone else. Someone doing something sweet for someone else. Laughter. Lots of things. I'm an obsessive people-watcher. (Earlier this week, I watched a woman looking at fresh flowers, dancing and singing in front of a grocery store, by herself... She seemed so happy in her own little world, that I was a bit jealous!)

What quality do you like most in a person? The ability to laugh at yourself. People who take life too seriously, and themselves too seriously, wear me out. Life's too short for that.

What makes someone unforgettable? Passion. For life, for love, for a cause they believe in. When there's something in their life that makes them really alive and want to share it with everyone around them.

Who would you take on a month-long backcountry camping expedition? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - don't get me started! God would have to be VERY unhappy with me to ever send me backpacking for an entire month! I barely made it four days without jumping off a cliff... but that's a story for another day...
(Debating jumping over the cliff on Mt. Trudy on the Superior Hiking Trail... Summer 2006.)

What is a particularly dangerous thing you did with a friend? Sky-diving! Twice! The first time was Mother's Day weekend 1998 - I called my mom that afternoon and told her that her gift that year was that I was still alive! Ha ha ha - she was not happy with me, to say the least! (Although, I don't think she actually believed that I did it until she saw the pictures...)

***As for the things I am thankful for, today I thought I'd join the Friday Fave Five group! They list their favorite five things of the week (so I'll do that for my first five, then list my usual 10 things for the day).***
For the week:

1. Getting the "yardwork" done last weekend - beautiful flowers, new sod, a nice patio to enjoy the gorgeous weather!
2. A spontaneous trip to our favorite restaurant - good food, good company, and so relaxing!
3. A fun night out to the Ampersand Families benefit dinner. Good company, good music, and supporting an amazing cause.
4. Getting out of my funk. This has been a long week - and last night helped me move forward!
5. Oh! The worship service I led last week. So fun and joy-filled. We talked about counting our blessings - and one of the youth group kids has been posting things she's grateful for on her Facebook status all week! So cool!

And for today:

1. Sleeping in after a late night.
2. Plans for a girls' night out tonight.
3. Bird sites on the internet to help combat the grackle problem I have with my new bird feeder. Wish me luck!
4. Taking a walk in the rain.
5. Bluebirds.
6. A fun night out with a friend.
7. A piece of chocolate cake so huge that Em and I couldn't finish it!
8. Good music on the radio while stuck in traffic at midnight!
9. A good workout.
10. New bloggers stopping by - Welcome!


Beth said...

Oh funny... I just posted my Five and went to the site and saw a Megs and clicked and look where I end up! ha ha! Have a nice Friday!

Susanne said...

Tons of yard work awaits us. I had such great plans for tomorrow but now it's been raining for two day and everything is muddy. We can't put flowers out around here until the last week of May as their is still risk of it freezing in the night.

The benefit dinner sounds like a lot of fun!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a fun week, especially getting to sleep in and planning for a girls night out, those are always fun :)

Diane said...

I don't know what your particular problem is with the grackles, but I know my problem was that there were soooooooo many of them, they intimidated the other birds, I think. So I ended up buying a spring loaded bird feeder that will only allow a little bird to sit on it. If a bid ole grackle lands on it, their weight forces the little openings closed. It seems to have worked for us. Not as many grackles around.

Just saw my first brown headed cowbird and a red breasted grosbeak. So much fun!!

Willow said...

Great week! It's is such a good feeling knowing you've done a ton of yard work!

Happy Mother's Day.

Sherry said...

What a great list! looks like you had a terrific week!

Karyn said...

I enjoyed this post very much...thanks for sharing

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