Thursday, May 28, 2009


"'Leadership' is a concept we often resist. It seems immodest, even self-aggrandizing, to think of ourselves as leaders. But if it is true that we are made for community, then leadership is everyone's vocation, and it can be an evasion to insist that it is not. When we live in the close-knit ecosystem called community, everyone follows and everyone leads...

"...We have places of fear inside of us, but we have other places as well - places with names like trust and hope and faith. We can choose to lead from one of those places, to stand on ground that is not riddled with the fault lines of fear, to move toward others from a place of promise instead of anxiety. As we stand in one of those places, fear may remain close at hand and our spirits may still tremble. But now we stand on ground that will support us, ground from which we can lead others toward a more trustworthy, more hopeful, more faithful way of being in the world."
--Parker Palmer, "Let Your Life Speak"

Things that I am thankful for today:

1. A beautiful day outside!
2. Diane worrying about me going to the doctor by myself tomorrow - I'll be ok, I promise!
3. The song, "Down in Mary's Land" by Mary Chapin Carpenter - great in the car with the windows down and moonroof open, especially in the evening!
4. Feeling "crispy" after being out in the sun!
5. New flip flops.
6. Gift cards.
7. Dinner at San Pedro - YUM!
8. Friends joining us at San Pedro - finally!
9. A beautiful sunset.
10. Distractions.


Beth said...

That is pretty powerful! Wow! Something to really think about!

Melissa said...

Thinking of you, and will be tomorrow! Good luck!

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