Thursday, May 21, 2009


"Ah! There's nothing like staying home for real comfort."
--Jane Austen

"If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say the house shelters daydreaming."
--Gaston Bachelard

Because of all the love he and his wife bestowed on their home (over 35 years), "it had a heart and soul, and eyes to see with; and approvals and solictudes and deep sympathies; it was us, and we were in its confidence and lived in its grace and in the peace of its benedictions. We never came home from an absence that its face did not light up and speak out in eloquent welcome - and we could not enter it unmoved."
--Samuel Clemens, aka "Mark Twain"

Simple Abundance is still in the "home" theme this week - and so am I! We put the first coat of paint on the living room last night, and will finish the painting tomorrow. My canvas art came this morning - looking Beautiful! I can't wait to hang it up! I've dreamt since I was a little girl of having my own home, and picking the colors, fabrics, artwork, etc, to decorate my own space - the space that would calm and inspire me - and it's so fun to finally be at that point in my life! And what's even more fun, is to have a husband who enjoys it and values the ideas, work, and end result as much as I do!

"I dwell in possibility."
--Emily Dickinson

"We can, too. Don't look at the problems. Search for the possibilities. It doesn't matter where you live at this moment... It may not be your dream but it does shelter your dreams. Those dreams can transform it into the home for which you long. Love knows how to paint, refinish, plaster, wallpaper, stencil, plant, sew, and build, even on a budget. Love knows that whatever you lack in your checking account can be made up by investing time, creative energy, and emotion. We need to learn Love's decorating secrets...
Realize that the home of your dreams dwells within. You must find it in the secret sanctuary of your heart today before you can cross the threshold of tomorrow."
--Simple Abundance

Things I am thankful for today:

1. My art came!
2. My Norman Rockwell print came!
3. Our pictures came!
4. It was cool outside again. So nice.
5. Feeling organized.
6. Lunch with Pastor Penny.
7. The hubby went grocery shopping.
8. My last council meeting at Faith UMC.
9. Having a day off tomorrow.
10. New recipes to try!

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