Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paint Day

First and foremost - I have to list my things I was thankful for yesterday (Blogger wasn't letting me edit easily, and I was tired, so I gave up!). So, for Friday:

1. An easy-going morning.
2. The hubby came home early from work.
3. Beginning the house projects!
4. Inspiration.
5. Pretty paint colors.
6. A spare bedroom to "hide" everything in while we paint.
7. Muscles that are capable of hardwork (even if they do get super sore!).
8. The hubby's willingness to try new things.
9. I get to pick out artwork for the dining room wall! Yippee!
10. Chatting with friends online, late at night.

And for Saturday:

1. Waking up when ready - and not before!
2. Making yummy pancakes for breakfast. (Recipe coming this Wednesday!)
3. Loving our pretty blue bathroom!
4. The hubby and I work so well together - teamwork!
5. The dog brushed wet paint with her tail... then stepped in paint. She gave us lots of laughs!
6. Great music to work by!
7. A nice breeze through the windows!
8. Going to Dylan and Tonya's bonfire - a nice break from hard work!
9. Tylenol for all the aches and pains.
10. Loving our "risk" color in the dining room! Phew!


Melissa said...

OH! I love the green! I looks great! What a great color!

Megs said...

The green actually looks a lot more "yellow" in these pictures... It's a little more muted in real life! :) And I just ordered a huge painting to go in the middle of the wall - so it won't look quite so crazy when all is said and done! LOL

Emily said...

It all looks great! Can't wait to see it in real life.

Beth said...

I love your dining room or yellow! I love to be daring..but I usually chose the conservative one! I am curious about your artwork!

Mom said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to see it!!! How about some free decorating advice and I will pay you in free meals!!

Amanda said...

Loving It! Wonderful choice.

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