Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fun and Fave Five - May 22nd

Things are a little behind this weekend... But here are some fun get-to-know-you questions, and my fave five for last week!

What do your friends find likable about you? Ha ha ha. I've had more than one friend tell my hubby and I that we are "easy." We are laid back, go with the flow, low maintenance, and relaxed. We don't have agendas, we just like to "be" with our friends - no muss, no fuss!

You are embarrassed when you... cry in public. I HATE that!

How would you spend six hours with your best friend? Any one of my outtings with girlfriends usually entails a couple of cocktails, a yummy dessert, and LOTS of girl talk! Perfect.

When you reminisce with friends about wild times, do you have to go back more than five years? Ha ha ha! What "wild times"?! Even at my most rebellious, I was hardly a wild child... And yes, those days would have been more than five years ago... Geesh. Way to make me feel old AND boring!

What are two things that help people have a close relationship? Trust. And the ability to laugh with each other at the suck-y parts of life. When you can trust someone to hear your thoughts and feelings, and know they are listening - and then to be able to joke and laugh about it... That's a friend that will get you through anything.

Do you like constant company or to be alone at times? Oh, I love alone time! I love being with friends, hanging out with the family, and spending lots of time with the hubby... but then, I need time to myself. Time to unwind, relax, and do nothing. I need time to re-charge for the next round of gatherings. I'm the epitome of an introvert!

How did someone once help you when you were not feeling well? Oh, last spring after I had some minor surgery and was stuck at home for a week - when people would come visit, that was the best! I would get so bored being home and not feeling well... I got restless and agitated - and when a friend would come and just sit and talk with me - that was the best! It's the simple things that count, right?

Do you have any friends from your parents' generation or older? Yes, of course! Working in the life of a church, that tends to happen - and I'm so thankful it does! It's nice to have friends who have experienced so much in life and can offer words of wisdom... and can put you in your place when you're taking life too seriously!

Are you married? Duh. If you've EVER read my blog, you would know this. (I talk about him all the time!)

Do you have kids? Nope. Just a dog. And she's enough for now. :)
And now for my Friday Fave Five of the week (click on the link to read others' answers, too!):

1. We finished the redecorating of our downstairs! I'll post pictures tomorrow!
2. Enjoying a bonfire on a cool, summer night at a friend's house.
3. Last day of confirmation class for the year - we've had a great group this year!
4. Singing "Amazing Grace" with my little sis at her last choir concert of the year.
5. Taking walks in our nature area and watching all the birds coming back - goldfinches, house finches, bluebirds, red-wing blackbirds, cardinals, etc - and watching kids playing in the wetlands, catching the spring frogs!

And... things I am thankful for today:

1. Doctor's visits - not fun, but nice to have a cautious, thorough, doctor.
2. Getting over my fear of having blood drawn - it's finally EASY!
3. Trying new recipes... One good, one not so good. But I like the experience of trying!
4. Finishing ALL of the painting! Woo-hoo!
5. Target stores.
6. Online access to health records - quick test results.
7. WebMD.
8. Starting the book, "Three Cups of Tea."
9. Longer days.
10. A sweet hubby.

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