Sunday, May 3, 2009


"Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond its world a heaven. Know then that world exists for you."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

"A house is who you are, not who you ought to be."
--Jill Robinson

"Like it or not, the personalities of our homes are accurate barometers that reflect, through our surroundings, where we have been, what's going on in our lives, and who we are - today, this moment - though not necessarily where we're heading."
--Simple Abundance

Interesting... I've been thinking and talking a lot about my home lately... My love of its simplicity... My need for it to be clean and neat - a sanctuary from the rest of the world... A place to host friends and family... A place to relax, rest, laugh, and just be. And today's devotional readings reflect all of that. I like it!

What do you love about your home? What does it say about you?

Here's to enjoying our homes... our places of rest... our places of joy!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Our poodle the "guard dog."
2. A fun worship service at Faith UMC today!
3. Kayla, Pat and Sam - what a fun confirmation group!
4. Getting 77 people to write 10 things that they are thankful for today. So fun!
5. Goldfinches at my new birdfeeder.
6. Chocolate chip cookies.
7. My friend, Emily.
8. Brie cheese and triscuits.
9. A beautiful sunny day!
10. My hubby.


Carol E. said...

What a sweet and restful post today! Glad you had a good day. Be sure to read my blog. I had a WOW day! Penny would be proud.

Mom said...

Beautiful patio, flowers, and I like your birdfeeder!! Grma and Grpa are smiling!!! Is Bailey going to scare the birds though??

Megs said...

Ha ha ha - I said "hi" to Grandma when the first goldfinch stopped by! :) And Bailey has been very good - she just sits on the back of the couch and keeps an eye on them. Very cute!

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