Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Silliness

As I was going through pictures today, I found this sequence that I forgot to post a couple of weeks ago! I thought this was so funny - so typical of our frisbee-obsessed poodle! I hope it makes you chuckle!
Bailey, thinking, "I found my frisbee... Who shall I ask to play?"
Since Mom is being annoying with the camera... I'll ask Dad.
Dad doesn't get it yet... Maybe if I re-position the frisbee next to him... He'll know I want to play.
Still ignoring me. What if I hit him with it?Nothing. Dad must really be into whatever he's watching on TV...
Ok. I'll leave it next to him - and stare at him. He can't ignore this cute mug, can he?
Still nothing! Must attack with kisses! He can't ignore THAT!!! And Dad looks SO happy about it! Ha ha ha.

(By the way, her ploys worked!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A dog that makes me laugh everyday.
2. Waking up early today - it was such a nice morning.
3. Church went back to one hour for the summer (meaning no Sunday School). It was SO nice!
4. Recognizing veterans and their families during prayer time at church - very nice.
5. A Yum-a-licious dinner! Salmon on the grill, mashed potatoes, and a new morel mushroom recipe. Good job, hubby!
6. An evening at home - a cool breeze, some candlelight, and our cozy living room. Very relaxing.
7. A visit from the family when they came to get their dog. Always fun to visit.
8. The hubby cleaning the upstairs so I could relax. Good guy.
9. A nice walk.
10. Windows open at night. Good sleeping weather! (And clean, fresh sheets! Woo-hoo!)


Beth said...

Bailey is one smart dog! I love that you caught it all on camera! Our dog, DJ, does the same thing...and she wins too!

Beth said...

I forgot to mention...remembering our Vets was awesome on Sunday! I don't always think of my dad as a Vet... so it was a nice memory jog... I looked around and there were many people standing!

Carol E. said...

LOVE the dog pictures. Too cute!

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