Friday, May 1, 2009

Fave Fives and Friday Fun - May 1st

Wow! I haven't done this for so long! Here's some fun get-to-know-you questions. Feel free to use them, if you'd like!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your family? Warmth and laughter.

What lessons did your parents feel strongly about passing on to you? Responsibility, faith, doing your best, compassion, being able to stick up for yourself and laugh at yourself, and enjoying life wherever you are.

What person in your family would you like to travel back in time to meet? My grandma's father. He's the mystery in the family tree. We're pretty sure he was immersed in scandal... I'd love to know the whole story - even though, I don't think I'd like him very much!

Describe a typical family dinner. Ha ha ha. When I was in college, my parents would make a big deal when I would come home for the weekend. So Friday night, they would make a wonderful dinner - usually steak and mashed potatoes. Dad would set the table with the china and silver... They'd really make it feel like a celebration. Well, the first time my hubby came home with me - they did this for dinner. The second time the hubby came home for the weekend, the set-up was similar... And so it continued... It wasn't until we were in our pre-marital counseling session that my hubby finally admitted that he thought my family was just like the "Leave It To Beaver" family. He had assumed for a long time that that was what family dinners were always like at my house - even when growing up! LOL Yeah... no. We ate plenty of fish sticks, mac and cheese, and cube steak as kids.

What objects do you remember from your parents' living room? I've always loved the plaque that hangs on our fireplace - and has hung on our fireplace since I was little, no matter where we've lived. It says, "Let the world wag, here we take our ease." I love it. I love what that says about home - no matter what's going on in the rest of the world, when we come home, we can rest and relax. It's our sanctuary from the rest of the world. People tease me for keeping my house neat and clean, and loving to decorate and personalize our home - but it's our sanctuary. It's our place of peace. I love that.

Would you rather be caught naked by a friend or a stranger? Ha ha ha! What a horrible question! I think I would choose "Friend." Goodness...

How do you like to show love to people who are special to you? Spending time with them. It doesn't have to be anything special - just hanging out, going out to eat, shopping, lounging around. I just like to "be" with the important people in my life.

What friend do you miss the most? My dear friend, Amanda. She lives in Milwaukee and I don't get there as often I used to... I miss her.

What friend is most like you? I think I'd have to say Emily. We were best friends in high school, then kind of went our seperate ways through college, and when I moved back to Minnesota five years ago, and we started spending time together again - I realized how similar we are! All those years apart, and we still laugh at the same things, are concerned about the same issues, dress alike, and can finish each other's sentences. It's so good to be close again.

If you gave a party for all your friends, would they already know each other? No, but I think they would all like each other! At our wedding, when we had people from all the places we've lived, and all the different phases of our lives in one room - all we heard from everyone is how much fun they had meeting the others! What a great feeling!

Have a great Friday!

As for the things I am thankful for, today I thought I'd join the Friday Fave Five group! They list their favorite five things of the week (so I'll do that for my first five, then list my usual 10 things for the day).
1. Sunday was a great day at church - uplifting and fun, a day focusing on all the wonderful things in our lives that are blessings!
2. Last weekend was spent having fun with the hubby - surprise, live band, good dinner, a lot of walking, time with friends. Loved it!
3. A crazy, busy, and slightly overwhelming week is almost over!
4. In the last week, 3 mini-celebs checked out my blog! My favorite cookbook writer, a band member of the band we saw last Friday, and a well-followed blogger. So cool!
5. After cleaning out our storage area, we ended up taking a car-full to Goodwill this week! Yeah - I LOVE to purge! LOL

And for today:
1. A lazy morning - doing a whole lot of nothing!
2. Playing "hide and seek" with the dog... LOL She does the seeking.
3. Going through my "scrap box" tonight - notes and letters all the way back to high school... So fun!
4. A walk on a beautiful evening!
5. Gorgeous sunset.
6. Making plans with friends.
7. Melissa's pain meds are kicking in! Praise God!
8. I'm almost ready to lead worship again this Sunday. Whew.
9. We ARE having strawberry biscuits for breakfast tomorrow. Yum.
10. I'm getting a bird feeder tomorrow! Yes... I am a dork.


Beth said...

good questions...I would probably want to answer them on how I would percieve it thru my own children's eyes..sad but true... Hope you have a nice weekend..whats for dinner??

Megs said...

Ha ha ha - I think we're doing paninis for dinner tonight - tomato, mozzerella and arugala. Yum. I hoping for biscuits for breakfast tomorrow... :)

Susanne said...

Hi Megs. So glad you joined in on Fave Five. Great list. Your weekend sounds like it was wonderful.

Willow said...

Welcome to Fave Five! I love Fridays because I stop and THINK about the week and all the good things in my life!

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