Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yummy Wednesday - Mac and Cheese

I love a good mac and cheese and Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook wins again! This has become one of Mike’s specialities - great when I need a little TLC!
4 cups Dried Macaroni
¼ cups (½ Stick Or 4 Tablespoons) Butter
¼ cups All-purpose Flour
2½ cups Whole Milk
2 teaspoons (heaping) Dry Mustard, More If Desired
1 whole Egg Beaten
1 pound Cheese, Grated
½ teaspoons Salt, More To Taste
½ teaspoons Seasoned Salt, More To Taste
½ teaspoons Ground Black Pepper
Optional Spices: Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Thyme
We like it with bacon mixed in... Mmmmm...

Cook macaroni until very firm. Macaroni should be too firm to eat right out of the pot. Drain.
In a small bowl, beat egg.
In a large pot, melt butter and sprinkle in flour. Whisk together over medium-low heat. Cook mixture for five minutes, whisking constantly. Don’t let it burn.
Pour in milk, add mustard, and whisk until smooth. Cook for five minutes until very thick. Reduce heat to low.
Take ¼ cup of the sauce and slowly pour it into beaten egg, whisking constantly to avoid cooking eggs. Whisk together till smooth.
Pour egg mixture into sauce, whisking constantly. Stir until smooth.
Add in cheese and stir to melt.
Add salts and pepper. Taste sauce and add more salt and seasoned salt as needed! DO NOT UNDERSALT.
Pour in drained, cooked macaroni and stir to combine.
Serve immediately (very creamy) or pour into a buttered baking dish, top with extra cheese, and bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until bubbly and golden on top.

Yields: about 6-8 small servings

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Eggs and bacon for breakfast (running out of milk and bread isn't so bad!)
Warm, colorful scarves.
3. A nice thank you note from friend.
4. Christmas cards!
5. Chatting with Bill G. at church today. He reminds me of my grandpa. I love it.
6. A free dinner!
7. Meeting the hubby's boss, co-worker and wives. Such nice people (and nice to finally put names with faces!).
8. So MANY Christmas lights this year!
9. My town has a new Goodwill Store. I went for my first visit tonight... Some cool stuff.
10. Curling up with a blanket and watching "Happy Feet."


Beth said...

This is the only Macky Cheese I will eat! yummy! I think we will try it with!

Jill said...

I'll have to try this recipe. I've tried quite a few, and I'm still searching for one that stays creamy after baking. Most that I've tried get grainy. What kind of cheese do you use?

Megs said...

Ha ha ha - Jill, I'll have to check with Mike! He's been making it for us when I haven't been home... I'll get back to you on that!

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