Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yummy Wednesday - Marshmallow Treats

Mmmmm... A family favorite! Every time I put these in a cookie tin - the first question is, "What is THAT?!" The second question, after they take a bite, is "Can I have that recipe?"

So here it is, folks! An easy, yummy, holiday - or anytime - treat!
Marshmallow Treats

1 14oz bag of caramels
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 stick of margarine
1 bag of large marshmallows
A box of Rice Krispies

Melt the caramels, milk, and margarine in a double boiler. Mixing until it is a smooth, caramel-y, consistency.

Using a fork or a skewer, dip a large marshmallow in the warm caramel, make sure it's coated well - then dip it in the rice krispies til covered, and place on wax paper. Repeat until you're out of marshmallows or caramel!

Makes about 40-50.

It's a little on the messy side - but so
worth it! Enjoy!

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Oh man, I ate two this morning. Easily my favorite - along with those chocolate truffles!! You should do that recipe next - I really want it!!

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