Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Baby Story... Part Two

The first ultrasound.  Ha!

So, the week I went for my blood test to confirm the pregnancy - hormone levels were high enough to get me in for an ultrasound the very next day.  Since I had a history with ectopic pregnancies, they needed to make sure the embryo was in the uterus ASAP.  My hubby had to work, so I went on my own - excited and scared all at the same time.

I got into position, the tech began doing her job...  And as I lay, looking at the screen...  I started to get a little nervous...

"See this?  That's the yolk sac - in the uterus!  Looking good so far!"  The tech confirmed the good news!

But as I continued watching her take measurements...  I was getting more and more nervous.  I could see the dark gestational sac with a yolk in it.  That's all good.  But...  There was also two more dark gestational-like sacs.  Uh-oh.  I waited for her to say something...  But nothing.  She was concentrating very hard on the task at hand. 

I had just convinced myself I was being silly, when she innocently said,
"So, you were doing fertility treatments?"

Um.  No.  No, we were not.

But thanks for confirming my fears!

The tech left the room and the doctor came in.  He explained that it was totally possible those spots were not sacs, but only irregularities on my uterine wall...  But we wouldn't know until my next ultrasound - in 10 days.

10 days?!  We could be having twins or triplets...  and we wouldn't know for 10 days!

I was kind of in shock as I called my hubby from the car.  I told him all about the appointment - and listened to the "pregnant" silence on the other end of the phone.  (Ha!  See what I did there?)

We were overjoyed that the pregnancy was viable, but had no idea what to think about the rest.  For ten days all I could think about was what would happen over the course of the pregnancy - my poor body!  Would I have to be on bed rest?  What on earth would we do with two or three newborns - when I was nervous about one?!

This was also the period of time when I started getting up several times of night to use the bathroom...  And each night, I'd wake up and my poor hubby would be wide awake on the couch - obviously thinking about stuff.  I'd sit down and ask what was troubling him - and every night, it was the thought of multiple babies.  I don't think the poor man slept for ten days straight!  (I tried to keep telling him "we don't know that, yet" and "one thing at a time - we'll find out more at the ultrasound."  But I was just as unnerved!)

Finally, the day arrived to go to that second ultrasound.  We went together this time - more than a little anxious.  As the procedure began, I took a deep breath - and let it out almost immediately!  One sac!  One baby!  And a little heartbeat going crazy! 

7 week ultrasound.

We had some good laughs over dinner that night - and that's when I learned what all the hubby had been worrying about (things I hadn't even gotten to, yet!)...  Bigger cars - 3 car seats wouldn't have fit in either of our current cars.  A bigger house.  3 college educations.  And on, and on...  No wonder he hadn't been sleeping!

But one.  One, we could handle.  And are thrilled that all was well! 
8 weeks.  First "Mama" picture!

Part three coming soon...  The first trimester.  Ugh!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A beautiful day!
2.  Feeling the little munchkin move like crazy while writing this post.
3.  A huge change coming for our little family - and I'm not talking about the baby!
4.  A phone call from an old friend last night - and the request she made.  An honor, for sure!
5.  Putting together a timeline for getting projects done around the house.
6.  Plans to visit another friend tomorrow.
7.  Our 20 week ultrasound is tomorrow!  (That will be a little different than the little "bean" pictured above!)
8.  Vacation plans in October.  Colorado, here we come!
9.  A yummy dinner - chorizo hash and fresh cantaloupe.  Mmmm...
10.  Feeling good and loving life!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Baby Story... Part One

Well, friends, if you haven't heard by now - the news is OUT.  Surprise - I'm pregnant!

19 weeks, in fact.  Goodness.  Almost halfway, already!

I thought it was time to write out part of the story, some thoughts, some surprises, and a couple of pictures...  So here goes:

As many of you know, I've had my share of health issues over the years - miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, cervical cancer - all of which led my hubby and I to the conclusion that having babies probably wasn't in our best interest.  About five years ago, we just decided to live our lives and make the most of them, and not worry so much about having kids.  We even have spent time bouncing around the idea of eventually adopting a kid who would otherwise age-out of the system. 

And we were good with this.  We know how truly blessed we are in our life together and were really ok with spending our lives sharing our blessings with others, and enjoying every minute.  Life was good.

Well, almost two years ago, I started feeling the itch.  I hadn't had any health concerns for awhile.  Life was moving along happily.  We had babies and toddlers all around us - and were loving every minute with them.  And I started to want our own little family.  I asked the hubby what he thought - and his face said it all.  Of course, we could try!  I went to a series of doctors appointments and had some procedures done to see how complicated things could get - and was given a clean bill of health.  So, we started trying.

After a year, our doctor asked if we wanted to look at other options - in vitro, hormones, etc.  Hubby and I had decided early on, if this was meant to be, it would happen.  With no interventions.  We were still okay with whatever would happen.  Life was still good.

More months go by...  I celebrated my 36th birthday with hopes and plans for all kinds of life changes over the next year.  I had a new focus and drive on working towards what my future would hold - I signed up for some classes.  I decided to lose weight - and dropped about 30 pounds.  I challenged myself to raising the money and walking in the Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk - money raised, training going awesome!  Life was good!

On my birthday, in March, we discussed how much longer we were going to put life "on hold" with the possibility of getting pregnant at any time...  I was beginning to feel like I couldn't move forward on some of my goals as long as I was always waiting for "what happens when...?"  Well, we decided we'd keep trying into the fall and then re-evaluate and possibly call it quits.

Well.  I'm pretty sure three weeks after that conversation - we got pregnant!  I'm pretty sure God was laughing when it happened.  What's that quote about God laughing when you make plans?  Yep. 

I had a weekend trip planned to go see an old friend - and in an email told her I was excited to share some of my life changes with her...  Only to realize, she would probably read that and think I was pregnant - so I emailed her back quickly and explained that that wasn't it!  (4 days later I would find that the joke was on me!)

I came home from the weekend, led a high school girls' book group on Monday night, and on my drive home realized I was late....  I stopped to pick up a test, thinking I would just be verifying that I was indeed not pregnant - again.  I waited for the hubby to go to bed and took the test.

Plus sign.

Seriously?!  I have to admit I cried out of shock.  Those first emotions were of being overwhelmed, totally surprised, and to be honest...  A little resentment.  I had finally given up on the idea of being a mommy - and had started working towards other things for my life.  And now?!  Really?!  (Please don't tell me what a horrible person I am for feeling this way - I'm just being honest.  It gets better!)

I decided to sleep on it, and take a second test in the morning.  Sure enough - that one was positive, too.  This was real.  It was happening!  And surprisingly, a good night's sleep was all I needed.  The next morning I cried again - but tears of happiness this time!  I couldn't wait for the hubby to get home, so I could tell him!

I called the doctor's office and went in immediately for a blood test (ahhh...  the joys of being "high-risk").  It was positive - and the hormone levels were high enough for an immediate ultrasound, scheduled for the very next day (one of the perks of having past ectopics - they have to verify right away if it's a viable pregnancy).  And the midwife appointment was made for the day after that.  Busy week!

When Mike came home that day - after a very long workday - I told him we were going out for pulled pork sandwiches at a favorite restaurant (I had been craving them for weeks, but he kept dissuading me from going in order to help me with my diet).  He grimaced and tried to talk me out of it...  So I pulled out the "ace up my sleeve."  I had a picture of the two positive pregnancy tests on my phone, and told him I wanted to show him a picture before we left.  I handed my phone to him...  He looked, and said, "whose are these?"

Ours, Babe.  They're OURS!

It took a second.  Then his face turned bright red, eyes welled up with tears, and he was speechless - and full of hugs!  ...And yes, I got to go have my pulled pork sandwich - finally!

We cautiously celebrated that evening - laughing, dreaming, sharing concerns and ideas over our dinner.  He had beer with his meal - and for the first time in a long time, I did not.  My new life had begun...

I say we celebrated "cautiously" because the ultrasound would confirm things were good - and that would happen the next morning.  But let me tell you - that's a whole other story!  And a funny one at that!  So watch for "Part Two!"

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Surprises.
2.  Writing down our story.
3.  A Friday morning at home.
4.  Huge possibilities for the hubby!
5.  A night out at the ball game, with friends, last night.
6.  Cuddles with the pup this morning.
7.  Bookshelves ordered and received - let the "nesting" begin!
8.  Time for a nap...  Thank goodness!
9.  Yoga pants.
10.  "Munchkin's" movements in my belly!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Time...!

This made me want to blog again.  Today.  Right now.

It made me want to remember all the little things in my day that make life perfect.  Right now.

A book group with amazing ladies last night - laughing and sharing the struggles in our lives, and helping each other see ways to move forward.

Time to spend with my mom - talking and laughing about pregnancy and the first days of motherhood.  (Oh yeah - for those who don't know, I'm pregnant!  More updates on that later...)

A cool breeze coming through my office window on a beautiful summer day.

Peanut butter.

Planning for a school year full of time with teenagers - the mischief, the questions, the giggles, the absurdities, and the connection.

Driving with the moon-roof open.

The anticipation of news...  And the prayers going up in honor of it.

New calendars and getting organized.

Surprise packages left on my desk and chair - things that make me smile, knowing others are caring for me.

Cherry Coke.

Authors that challenge how I see the world and my faith.

The lilac tree outside my office window is blooming again...  and the blossoms are wafting in that oh-so-lovely lilac scent.

Every now and then feeling the "pops" and "squirms" of new life in my belly!

A husband that makes me smile, every day.

Life is good.  Right now.  No need to wait for the next big thing to happen.  No need to dread what could happen.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Say thanks.

And now...  Back to work.  (Which I am also thankful for!)

And five minutes later...  I read this.  I'm sensing a theme today!

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