Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Weeks

Today, I'm two weeks into my weight loss journey, and am down 6lbs!  Woohoo!

This week, my goals were to:
*  Journal all my meals.
*  Get 64oz of water in everyday.
*   Write down where and when I ate, and the circumstances around my meals.

Well, as much as I hate journaling my food - that's been easy.  Especially using the iphone app.  No problem!  (And it's easy when your meals are so simple.)

64oz of water?!  Pffff...  I get at least 80oz, no problem!  Water has not been an issue.   (I get at least 80oz, just drinking a 16oz glass of water with each meal...  Easy peasy.)

The interesting part of the week has been noticing my eating habits.  This is what we talked about in my meeting today.  Except for dinner, I almost always eat while doing something else - working, driving, on the computer, watching tv.  That's a habit I want to change.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be its own event.  Being more mindful of the moment - and what I'm eating.  (It's easy right now with two of those meals being portioned out for me...  But something to start changing now, so when I get to my maintenance phase, I've got a jump start!)

But my biggest a-ha of the week?!  I went out to dinner with a bunch of ladies one night.  They chose a bar and grill to meet up at - so I checked the menu ahead of time, looking for a comparable "lean and green" meal...  But alas.  There was one salad that I could have ordered with all kinds of changes...  But it would have been $13.  Not worth it.  So, I just got water.  No big deal.  Well, when the ladies' meals came, my first instinct was to be sad that I wasn't getting a big juicy burger or pizza or cheese curds.  But, quickly I realized 1)I'm not hungry.  I ate a "meal" right before I came in.  2)I'm not craving any of those foods...  They didn't even look tempting to me.  3)I was just jealous that they had something in front of them and I did not.  I realized these things within a matter of seconds, and then was perfectly happy with my water the rest of the evening!  Breakthrough!

Socializing is something I love to do - yet, I always struggle with the money aspect of always meeting friends out at restaurants and bars; and now my diet is something I need to learn to control when out as well.  It can be done - I just have to plan, set limits, and not be self-conscious about my choices.  Time to do what's best for me - and still enjoy everybody's company!  I can do this.  (Smile.)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Another 2.5lbs gone!
2.  Talking to my sister on the phone.
3.  My assignment for the week:  Do something for myself everyday.
4.  My fun, colorful scarf.  Cheers up a blustery, cold day!

5.  Supportive friends and family.
6.  Rewatching "LOST."
7.  A card in the mail today, from my blogger friend, Andrea!
8.  Another fun card from Sara.  (I should check the mail more often!)
9.  Beginning to sort through my "memory" rubbermaids...  So many nice notes and fun memories!
10.  Discovering a new band...  "Lone Bellow."

QotD:  What makes "you" you?
Oh dear...  My giggle?  My relaxed personality?  My faith?  My love of life?  Not sure...  I'll give it some thought.  What about you?  What makes "you" you?


Beth said...

Had to giggle about you checking out the you know why I do it...(you didn't miss much at the truly wasn't that good...that or I am getting really picky) Also...remember when I brought up socializing other than at just a restaurant? It is so frustrating for me...because really what is there to do?

Diane said...

Congrats and I vote for your's what I think of first when I think of you.

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