Monday, January 21, 2013


Question of the Day:  What are you looking forward to?

1.  Book group dinner tomorrow night.
2.  Weigh-in on Friday.  (Weird, right?)
3.  Starting a one-on-one Bible study with one of my youth group kids.
4.  Elly's dance recital.
5.  Paying off all our debt.
6.  Another summer adventure with Mike.
7.  Getting some things framed and on our walls...
8.  Using my free-massage gift card!
9.  Getting a new TV.
10.  Valentine's Day.

How about you?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Having an extra day at home with the hubby.
2.  Another four years of President Obama!
3.  Talking about our budget - with no fighting!
4.  Playing a little Wii today...
Photo: A little Wii Resort on MLK, Jr. Day?  Why not?  ;)
5.  A yummy dinner (this healthy cooking isn't so bad!).
6.  Invites to bookgroups.
7.  An easy checkup at the dentist.
8.  A warm home.
Photo: Yuck!
9.  Hoodies.
10.  Dr. Bronner's Soap - almond. 

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