Sunday, January 27, 2013


"It's the beginning of your day.  You wake and look around you,
feeling perhaps a joyful expectation, or perhaps an awful dread.
No matter which, remember this:
God loves you with an infinite love..."

"At the beginning of the day, the mind is most open to receive new impressions.  One of the most important things we can do is to take full responsibility for the power of the morning.

"If you want to have a nonmiraculous day, I suggest that newspaper and caffeine form the crux of your morning regimen.  Listen to the morning news while you're in the shower, read the headlines while you're walking out the door, make sure you're keeping tabs on everything: the wars, the economy, the gossip, the natural disasters...  But if you want the day ahead to be full of miracles, then spend some time each morning with God."
--Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace
Ahhh...  I've always liked the idea of meditation, but couldn't really bring myself to do it - any more than I could bring myself to read the Bible every single morning.  I know.  Shocking, right?  I try.  I can go a month or two reading every morning...  But then I get distracted. 
But, I've never really tried the meditation thing - as nice as it sounds...  My reading today went on to talk about all the ways meditation clears our hearts and minds for the day - a prayer time, a time to bless those we will meet throughout the day, a time to seek guidance from God...  I like that.
This week, my goal is to start getting more exercise in - but maybe I'll add five minutes of meditation each morning, too.  It's worth a shot!
Here's the prayer that's suggested (I like it!):
"Dear God,
I give you this morning.
Please take away my despair of yesterday.
Help me to forgive the things that caused me pain and would keep me bound.
Help me to begin again.
Please bless my path and illumine my mind.
I surrender to you the day ahead.
Please bless every person and situation I will encounter.
Make me who you would have me to be, that I might do as you would have me do.
Please enter my heart and remove all anger, fear, and pain.
Renew my soul and free my spirit.
Thank you, God, for this day.
I may just put it in my own words...  But the thoughts are perfect!
Have you ever tried meditation?  What did you like?  How did you struggle with it?
Things I am thankful for today:
1.  A wonderful speaker at church about Islam.
2.  An evening meeting and event postponed due to icy roads and snow (have to admit, kind of happy to stay home tonight!).
3.  Two people telling me I look like I'm losing weight!  Woohoo!
4.  Finished season 2 of "Downton Abby."  Almost caught up!
5.  Fresh snow!
6.  Going for a walk with the hubby and the pup.
Photo: Fresh snowfall = off for a walk!
Photo: Fresh snow and a wide open trail...  Poodle paradise!
7.  Mike carving up a whole chicken for me.  Ewwww...  I hate that job!
8.  My parents excited about their Christmas gift.  Too funny!
9.  Cute pics of my nephew on Facebook. 
10.  Off to bed early, again!

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