Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Tips for simplifying your life (from Secrets of Simplicity):

1.  Recognize what motivates you. 
2.  Set goals, but start small.  (One thing at a time!)
3.  Manage your tasks, not your emotions.  (Worries drain and distract.  Just do it!)
4.  Do the most unpleasant task first.
5.  Recognize the time drainers in your life. 
6.  Meet needs before fulfilling your wants.
7.  Lose the cape.  (You're not a superhero.  You can't do everything!)
8.  Plan a vacation.  (Time to reflect, gain perspective, and recharge.)
9.  Organize. 
10.  Borrow.  (Don't buy new for a one time use!)

Hmmm...  "Lose the cape" and "plan a vacation" sound lovely today...  Learning to say 'no' should be a part of going "cape-less!"  I go in spurts - sometimes I have no problem saying no, and sometimes I feel like the world depends on me saying yes...  Time to get used to the N word again!

And a vacation just sounds simply lovely.  We don't have one planned yet this year.  Maybe that's the problem - I thrive when I have something to look forward to!  Maybe I'll plan a retreat day or two... for myself.  That could be nice...  Or a visit to an old friend?  Hmmm...  Something to ponder!

Which simplicity tip is calling out to you today?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A mostly clutter-free home.
2.  Mike made dinner for me last night, since I was getting home late.
3.  Hubby's support.
4.  A gathering with friends last night.
5.  Giggles about the The Bachelor.
6.  The ability to listen and support a friend.
7.  A friend's last radiation treatment!
8.  Videos of my little niece on the ski hills.  Too funny.
9.  Another friend's big, beautiful heart.
10.  Prayer.

QotD:  Do you need a break?  From what?
Well, doesn't that fit in with the conversation above?  Vacation?  Yes, please.  I don't think when I need to get away, it's necessarily to get away from something...  It's usually toward something.  Adventure, newness, renewal, reconnecting, discovering, and/or time to use as I'd like (not dictated by everyone around me).  A break is an opportunity for something outside the ordinary - which I love!

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