Saturday, January 5, 2013


QotD:  What was the last restaurant you ate at?

Hell's Kitchen - started to eat breakfast on New Year's Day.  Never finished it.  (The stomach flu settled in.  Buggers.)

McDonald's - roadtripping to Milwaukee on Dec. 28th.  (Only time we eat fast food is when we're in the car.  The best part about it?  Watching our dog wait, plead, and beg for french fries!  It's pretty darn funny.)

Red Stag Supper Club on Dec. 27th.  A tradition shared with our friend, Amanda.  Every year when she visits we go for dinner...  So yummy.  And it always snows - and is beautiful from within this cozy place.  I love it!

rePUBlic on Dec. 26th - celebrating Kayla's 21st birthday with Mike, Amanda, and Jessalee.  Delicious food, tasty beer, good company.  Great way to spend an evening!

Good stuff.  Good memories.  We're lucky to live where we do - so many good places to share meals, and break bread, with others!

Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?  I love hearing suggestions!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A lazy Saturday morning - not because I didn't feel good - but just because!
2.  Hanging out with the hubby.
3.  Deep cleaning the rest of the house.  I can relax again.
4.  "Purging" our kitchen.  Going through every drawer and cabinet and getting rid of anything we don't use.  So therapeutic!
5.  An "actual" dinner!  Swordfish, green beans, and bread.  And it tasted good!
6.  Packers are winning!
7.  Looking forward to church tomorrow!  It's the special Blessing service we do every year.  One of my favorite services!
8.  Listening to the hubby getting excited about brewing his own beer.  I love his excitement!
9.  Thinking about making some changes... 
10.  Enjoying writing on here again!

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