Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's Check-In

Today's weather, news, events: 
Well, it's -9 degrees right now!  And that's not including the windchill!  Yikes! 
In the news, the Inauguration of President Obama (2nd term - woo hoo!) was yesterday - and the First Lady's dress is the news headline...  I admit, I like seeing what they wear.  But really, aren't there more important things going on in the world?
As for events, I'm going out for dinner tonight with my former book group ladies.  Should be a fun evening!

Today I feel:
Sleepy...  I had a whole string of vivid dreams this morning.  Still not sure how they all tied together.  One minute I was supposed to be giving a Sunday sermon at a church as all the altar stuff is being stripped and the mics and organ stop working...  The next, I'm lost in a foreign city, seperated from my husband and it's bitter cold!  Lastly, I'm a college kid at a lock-in kind of thing at someone's house in a small, rural town.  Weird. 

I am grateful for:
Sunshine today.  Cool water.  Kisses goodbye.  Lotion.  Being healthy.  Friendships.  Flowers.  Heated carseats. 

Spiritually I feel:
Peaceful.  Awake to miracles!

People in my thoughts today:
Sue, Gina, Sara - all battling breast cancer.  (I've decided to go to a meeting tomorrow night about the Susan G Komen 3Day Walk.  Maybe I can combine my desire to end breast cancer and honor my friends with a goal to lose weight and get more exercise!  We'll see....)

Magical moments (comfort, peace, and love):
Playing Wii with the hubby yesterday.  And hour and a half of friendly competition, laughter, and teasing.  Loved it!

Donations of the heart (acts of kindness, sharing, and forgiveness):
Just small acts lately - a listening ear, checking up on people in crisis, hugs, prayers, taking a moment to be with someone when they need a friend.

For a better tomorrow (goals, ideas, etc):
Better sleep tonight!  Get my closet finished!

QotD:  Are you seeking security or adventure?
Oh dear...  I'm the one in our house who usually will say, "let's just do it" when hubby says, "no, no, no..."  If I was single, security would probably not be my strong point.  Ha ha ha.  I like adventure - new places, new foods, new experiences, new trips...  But I also know the value of security - thanks to the people who love me!


Carol E. said...

If I keep reading your blog just maybe i'll remember to do my gratitudes list at mine. I *always* forget to include it!

Diane said...

All your dreams seem to have the common thread of being disconnected/unattached/unfamiliar territory in some way.

Megs said...

Oooo... Very true, Diane! I hadn't really given them much thought. I'll have to analyze myself later... LOL.

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