Sunday, January 20, 2013


"As we concentrate on being the people that God would have us be, a path of light opens up before us to ease our way.  Circumstances begin to fall into more harmonious patterns as we begin to find more harmony within ourselves.  We can tell when a situation is in 'the flow,' when we're no longer paddling upstream, when there is less stress involved in making something happen.  The effort to align ourselves with the holy and good is our greatest power to affect external situations..."

"...We can safely place our lives in the hands of God, as His Spirit knows far better than we do how to turn our earthly existence into streams of radiance..."

"...Sometimes it's less important to know how the world works that to know how change works.  We cannot change anything unless we ourselves are willing to change, for whatever problem we see in the world is only there as a reflection of our own internal state..."

"...Our true gift to ourselves and others lies not in what we have but in who we are..."
--Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace
Today at church, we were talking about what it means to experience (and be) a spiritual oasis in the midst of life - and what it means to offer that to others... 
We talked about church being a place of renewal, refreshment, refuge, and peace.  A place to take a break out of the everyday stress and obligations of daily life, in order to be reminded of God's amazing love - a love that tells us we are loved, valued, and never alone.
But the conversation didn't stop there.  We then asked: what can each of us do, in turn, to offer oasis to others?  What can each individual do to offer peace, comfort, hospitality, warmth, and love?  It's not about being on the right committe or task force or team...  But as a church, and as people, how do we live as people who truly share love in our world?
Because, as Marianne Williamson says above, I think the closer we live to God...  The brighter a light is cast on our path.  The more radiance shows through in our lives.  The gift is in who we are at the core, and what we can offer the world.
Beautiful, isn't it?  Happy Sunday!
Things I am thankful for today:
1.  People willing to share their stories.
2.  The kids asking me about my week.
3.  A teary-eyed elderly man thanking me for my ministry, this morning.
4.  The hubby doing extra work for me at church today.
5.  More "Downton Abby."
6.  Staying inside the rest of the day!  (It's 0 degrees here...)
7.  Playing with the dog and her squeaky ball.
8.  Feeling good and healthy!
9.  Sweatpants.
10.  Hubby fixed our internet connection!
QotD (yesterday):  List three foods you ate today:
Tilapia, tomatoes, Spinach
QotD (today):  Are you holding a grudge?  About?
Hmmmm...  I don't think I'm holding any grudges right now.  There are people that have hurt me, that I may treat differently based on trust levels and wariness...  But all are forgiven and no grudges!  (Grudges feel like a waste of energy to me.  What's the point?)

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