Saturday, January 26, 2013


QotD:  Today you needed more....

Ha ha ha.  Sleep!  I met one of my former youth group kids (he's a growned up man now!) for coffee at 8am, which means I left the house when I normally get up.  So much for Saturday morning! 

We met a great little coffee house in St. Paul - Nina's Cafe.  I've driven by it many times over the years, and always wanted to get a cup of coffee there - so I was delighted to stop in!  I had a "vanilla thrilla" tea that was delish!  The staff was friendly and fun, and it was great people-watching!  I'll be tempted in the future to go work there in the afternoons, when I have a long day...

And of course, the time I had with Andy was great.  He's always made an effort to keep in touch and meet up a few times a year for coffee or lunch.  And that makes me smile.  He's grown up to be a really good guy, and I'm proud of him!

I got home in time for a quick nap before our next adventure for the day - Elly's second dance recital!  Elly is our 4 1/2 year old goddaughter - that we adore.  And really.  What's not to adore about little ones in pink leotards and tutus?!  We watched her show, cheered her on, and had lunch at her house with her entourage (family).  Always a fun time at Elly's house!

Lastly, from there we went to St. Paul for the Red Bull Crashed Ice event.  Basically, crazy grown up men, on hockey skates, racing up and down crazy hills and turns, with a whole crowd waiting for a good crash.  Yowzers.  (It is kind of fun being there, though...)  This year, we met up with another couple and watched a few runs before realizing the crowds were a little much (150,000 people there that night) and we were freezing!  So, we walked to a pub for a couple of beers to end the night.
Photo: Crashed Ice tonight...  Crazy crowds and a warm up at the Happy Gnome.  Good night!

All in all, a great day.  But my bed is calling to me...  Good night!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Alarm clocks.
2.  Vanilla tea.
3.  Friendly baristas.
4.  A shy smile accompanied by a story of a new girlfriend.
5.  People-watching.
6.  Naps.
7.  Pink tutus.
8.  Girly giggles.
9.  Mr. Wonderful's snuggles.
10.  A whole day filled with friends!

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