Monday, January 7, 2013

Divine Wings

"...We remember that it is our own responsibility, as best we can, to live up to the divine potential God has placed within each of us.  We have our own wings, should we choose to spread them.  In almost any situation, if we're truly honest with ourselves, there are ways that we can fly higher, at fuller wingspan.  There are ways to show greater honor and compassion to all life, to get over ourselves and serve something bigger.  We are given as many opportunities to reconstruct the nature of our lives as there are moments in a day.  We can think more insightfully, love more deeply, give more selflessly, and serve more faithfully the call of love.  How many times have we regretted not having been kinder, or wiser, or more respectful to others?  And how many times have we shown up lovingly for another person and been told, "Thank you.  You're such an angel."  Indeed...

"...The time to show up fully for life is right now, whatever the circumstances...  Life is a swirling pool of infinite potential at every single moment...  The only way to achieve an exciting life is to be willing to be excited and exciting.  The only way to achieve an excellent life is to be willing to be excellent.  The only way to achieve love is to be willing to be more loving.  Who and what we decide to be, in each and every moment, is reflected back to us in earthly forms...

"...It can be difficult to shine on others when we do not honestly feel there is a light within us.  There is a light in all of us because God put it there."
--Marianne Williamson, "Everyday Grace"

Great reading for the start of the New Year, right?  I'm loving this book as a morning inspiration!

Question of the Day:  You are lucky.  How so or not so?

Oh, I know I'm lucky.  I may not win fabulous things (Mom and Dad - our lottery tickets from Santa got us a big fat nothing!); I may not be given free vacations and expensive toys; and there may even be some hopes and dreams that will never come true...  But I'm lucky.  I have the greatest husband a girl could ever want.  I have a family that loves me.  I have a roof over my head that is most definitely my home.  I have my health (and I know what it's like to fear losing that!).  I have a deep faith in God and a community of people that help me live that out.  I have a job that I love.  I have friends that support me, make me laugh, and love me for who I am.  I've been able to travel and see amazing parts of this world and meet inspiring people. 

No question.  I'm a lucky girl.  And grateful for my life, everyday!

Things I am thankful for today:

1-10.  Pretty sure I just named them in my "reasons that I'm lucky!"

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