Monday, December 13, 2010


"December 13 – Action

When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?" (Author: Scott Belsky)

Hmmm...  I have lots of aspirations for 2011, but one of them is to get healthy again.  Is that too cliche?

I've gained weight in the past year, my headaches have been worse than they've been in a long time, I've been tired and sluggish...  This all has got to get under control!

So my actions?
1)  I got referrals to a couple of doctors and made appointments.
2)  I tried going to a Weight Watchers meeting the other night, but the power was out in the building so only current members were allowed in...  Hmmm...  Sign?  Omen?  Weird.  The plan is to try again on Monday.
3)  And finally, I'll be working to arrange my schedule better, so I'm more productive during my "good" hours and able to rest and enjoy life during the down times.

One more action item, more related to mental and spiritual health - I'm making an appointment to meet with the volunteer coordinator at a local center for the homeless.  I'm so excited to start volunteering with them after the holidays!  I do so much service work through church - organizing the groups and working to get the church involved in the community... that I rarely do any volunteering "just for me" anymore.  So, I'm VERY excited about this opportunity!

What kinds of things are you putting into action this year?

Thing I am thankful for today:

1.  A day at home.
2.  Finishing my Christmas shopping - everything is wrapped and under the tree!
3.  The store Patina.  It makes me smile.
4.  All the snow plows working so hard to clear out streets (2 days after the storm, they're still working so hard!).
5.  Nachos with homemade salsa for dinner...  Mmm..
6.  Baking cookies!
7.  The quote, "Is not amusement the very soul of life?"
8.  Jason Mraz's "Winter Wonderland."
9.  Getting excited for visits with friends over the holidays!
10.  Chatting with my funny neighbor (he was "rsvp-ing" for the party that was supposed to have been last weekend) - it was a good laugh for the day!

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