Saturday, December 11, 2010

11 Things

"Prompt: 11 Things.

What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?"  (Sam Davidson)

11 things my life doesn't need in 2011?  Uffda.

1.  Negativity.  I'm still working on it - but even a little less is always better!  I'll continue to focus on the positive and what I'm thankful for.  (And I'll probably work a little harder at spending less time around negative people.  They wear me down more than anything else, I think!)  Life's just more fun when I don't get weighed down by the stuff that doesn't matter.

2.  Loneliness.  I'll continue to reach out to old friends and put myself in places to make new friends with similar interests.  I need some outlets for continuing to learn and grow in interesting and exciting ways (and have fun!).

3.  Any more pounds!  I need to focus on being healthy again - eating right and exercising.  Goodness.  Does this battle ever get easier?! 

4.  More "stuff."  I'm trying to think through my purchases a little more.  Where else could that money go? This is hard for me...  I like decorating and entertaining and always want more...  Instead, I need to think about where that money could go to make a difference in the world (rather than just in my living room)...

5.  Obligations.  I need to set boundaries on my time and stick to them!  My job requires days, nights, and weekends - and sometimes I forget to make time for the things that I'm passionate about outside of work.  I need to start doing this for my own sanity!

6.  Fear.  Of what others think.  Of making bad choices.  Of not measuring up.  Of not being liked.  Of screwing up.  Of not making my dreams come true - and being disappointed.  I want to live in the now - not the "what ifs."  I want to take more risks.  I want to continue making memorable moments - even if it means going outside my comfort zone.

7.  Wasted time.  I want to be better at time-management, so I have more time for the things I love.  Like reading - for FUN!  Or projects.  Or learning something new.  Or playing!

8.  Doubt.  Kind of goes along with "negativity" and "fear,"  but includes doubting myself and others.  We have several people in our lives who have, over the years, proven themselves unreliable again and again... and I find myself constantly doubting their motives and intentions these days... I don't want to be that way.  I want to find ways to trust and see the good in them first - and expect their best.

9.  Expectations.  As I read that last sentence, I thought, "maybe part of my problem is I expect too much from people."  Maybe I need to lighten up, and go with the flow, giving people room to do what they're going to do... rather than always being disappointed by their choices.

10.  Headaches.  I'm making an appointment with a neurologist to get to the bottom of my weather-related migraines.  Woo-hoo!  That alone could make my life better!

11.  TV.  I'm on a journey to make TV less prevalent in my life.  Once in a while, for a particular show, is fine, but hours of background noise and staring at a screen for the sake of being too lazy to do anything else?  Done.  TV will not take away precious moments that have the potential to be wonderful memories!

What are some of your things you could do without in 2011?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Well, we had our Christmas Open House canceled because we were in the middle of a snow storm...  But I must say, it's beautiful outside...
2.  Friends' notes saying how bummed they were to not be able to come.
3.  A friend still making a donation to Heifer International in our name (we were going to collect donations at our party).  So sweet.
4.  This flash mob video.  Made me smile.

5.  A clean, decorated, cozy house.  Here, let me give you a tour:
(Well, come on in!)
(Our cozy living room.)
(Fresh greenery on the counter.)
(Our nativity set.  My favorite...)
(Our fun powder room.)
(Going up the stairs.  The Santa I drew in high school.  I gave it to Dad years ago, and last year he gave it back so I could have it in my home, now.  So cool.)
(Our loft/family room.)
(The guest room.)
(Accents in the guest bathroom.)
(The master bedroom.)
(LOVE the movie, "Polar Express!")
6.  Party food - still made a yummy dinner!
(A little spinach dip with Hawaiian bread...)
(Some shrimp and Mom's meatballs...  and a baked brie cheese with raspberry sauce, and Pinoeer Woman's jalapeno poppers with bacon and raspberry sauce - which I didn't get a picture of, because we ate them too quick!  They were HOT!)
7.  Candlelight.

8.  My parents' funny photo-journalism postings on Facebook, depicting their day in the snow storm.
9.  Being snowed in.  No obligations to go anywhere!
10.  Watching the birds at the feeder again today - and on the drift of snow that came up to our window ledge!


Diane said...

What a warm and welcoming home you have!

Carol E. said...

I'll have to think about that list of 11......

Beth said...

I was shaking my head to most all on your list! It is "your" life do as you wish... And no...the excerise doesn't get easier or the need go away but you can probably conquer a few things on your list if you feel better about yourself!

Mom said...

Can I come live with you??????

Can I move in with you??? Glad you are seeing a neurologist...

Emily said...

Please open your bed and breakfast soon so I have a reason to come and sleep in one of your guest rooms.

Jill said...

Your place looks so festive - sorry the weather didn't cooperate :( Hope you and Mike enjoyed the day even though. . . :)

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