Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Church

"Why I Make Sam Go To Church... The main reason is that I want to give him what I found in the world, which is to say a path and a little light to see by. Most of the people I know who have what I want - which is to say, purpose, heart, balance, gratitude, joy - are people with a deep sense of spirituality. They are people in community, who pray, or practice their faith; they are Buddhists, Jews, Christians - people banding together to work on themselves and for human rights. They follow a brighter light than the glimmer of their own candle; they are part of something beautiful. I saw something once from the Jewish Theological Seminary that said, 'A human life is like a single letter of the alphabet. It can be meaningless. Or it can be a part of a great meaning.' Our funky little church is filled with people who are working for peace and freedom, who are out there on the streets and inside praying, and they are home writing letters, and they are at the shelters with giant platters of food.

"When I was at the end of my rope, the people at St. Andrew tied a knot in it for me and helped me hold on. The church became my home in the old meaning of home - that it's where, when you show up, they have to let you in. They let me in. They even said, 'You come back now.'"
--Anne Lamott, from the book "Traveling Mercies"

I love this book. I love her vision of spirituality, her descriptions of her church as a family, her humor and love of life (after a very rough beginning)... I love her 'human-ness.' She's real - with doubts, fears, frustrations, and laughter. She sees life for what it is - and loves God through it all. I love this book.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A great sermon at church today.
2. A beautiful duet sang during worship.
3. The Children's Ministry picnic - so fun to hang out with parents and kids! (And marvel at the GIANT mushrooms! Then, as all kids will do... They destroyed them...)
4. Minnehaha Falls Park and Sea Salt Eatery. A great way to spend an afternoon!
5. Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream. Mmm Mmmm Mmmm.
6. And yes... a nap.
7. Grocery shopping - finally!
8. Cooler weather - turning the AC off!
9. Hot dog for dinner - with all the fixins. (It's been a great food day!)
10. Cuddling up for "Army Wives."

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Beth said...

ahhhh... You watch Army Wives, too?? I love love love Army Wives!

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