Monday, August 17, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook - August 17th Edition

For Today...

Outside my window... a beautiful night - cool, calm, and crisp.
I am thinking... it's time to go to bed...
I am thankful... for a clean house. So nice to relax.
From the kitchen... Hawaiian pizza tonight. Chicken tacos tomorrow night - with the book group ladies! And our new thing to try this week - chocolate-covered blueberries. Tasty.
I am wearing... black capris, a white tank top, and a green hoodie.
I am creating... ideas for our table setting tomorrow night...
I am going... to see Jason Mraz in concert on Thursday night with my little sis, Kayla. I can't wait!
I am reading... "Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lamott, and something about congregational development (it actually is quite good!) Oh! And a Dean Koontz book in those rare moments when I can read for fun.
I am hoping... to see my sister, Emily, and her family for a bit on Friday before I head to Wisconsin to visit a dear friend. (Em and fam are on their way to Alaska for a visit - and passing through on a 24-hour layover.)
I am hearing... crickets, sprinklers, a soft breeze, and the neighbor's AC.
One of my favorite things... my hubby's clues for his surprises. Last weekend's clues were "Grand Marais" and "Elvis." I figured out Grand Marais (2 years ago, I had the best sandwich EVER at a restaurant in the town... It was a muffuletta sandwich. There's a restaurant in St. Paul called "Muffuletta." Ding ding ding!). Elvis eluded me. I was supposed to link it with "Priscilla" - for a musician, Priscilla Ahn, whom I really enjoy. Ha ha ha.)
A few plans for the rest of the week... meetings, youth meetings, book group dinner at my house, dinner with a youth group kid headed off to college, Jason Mraz concert, visiting with my sister's family, going to WI to visit Cheryl (Yippee!), and our Confirmation service on Sunday... Phew.
Here is picture thought I am sharing... a muffuletta sandwich. A beautiful thing... (Have you seen Julia and Julie - the movie? I fear I'm as obsessed with food as they are... Hmmmm.)
Things I am thankful for today:

1. Working from home. I got so much done this morning!
2. Feeling inspired.
3. Getting the house clean - feels so good!
4. Hanging new white curtains - so fresh and clean!
5. A nice walk tonight - with beautiful clouds!
6. Playing with the dog - can't help but smile and laugh.
7. Highlights. Epescially the ones with little post-it notes!
8. Sunshine.
9. Lavender-scented detergent.
10. Being excited to have friends over tomorrow night!


Beth said...

We are excited to come too!

Melissa said...

WA-HOO! I'm SO excited! Books, food and friends. Can't get much better!

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