Thursday, August 13, 2009


"We can't take any credit for our talents. It's how we use them that counts."
--Madeleine L'Engle

"Don't worry that your talent won't be adequate to the task. Spirit always chooses us as servants of work perfectly suited to our personal gifts, even if we beg to differ. A low opinion of our abilities is a handy cop-out when facing creative challenges, but the Great Creator is on to us by now. Actually, feeling inadequate to the task we're asked to do seems to be a spiritual prerequisite.
"Anyway, our degree of talent is a moot point, because the Work always knows more than we do - a fact for which we can all be eternally grateful. Agreeing to serve really means just showing up to make the calls, mix the paint, pick up the pen, pluck the strings, shape the pot, and get out of the way..."

"Spirit speaks to you constantly throughout the day. You may experience a hunch, perk up at the suggestion of a friend, or follow an urge to try something new on a whim. Train your heart to listen. Today, adjust your spiritual satellite. Tune in to a higher harmonic frequency for help as you continue your authentic, artistic pilgrimmage to Wholeness."
--A Simple Abundance

I'll be listening today... and I'll let you know what I hear!
In what ways is the Spirit challenging you to use your gifts and talents?

Things I'm thankful for today:

1. Toast with Nutella.
2. Feeling good today.
3. Getting a lot done today!
4. Traveling Mercies, by Anne Lamott. I love this book.
5. Funny Facebook notes.
6. Sharing my lunch with Carol.
7. The paraments that Carol is making for our sanctuary - beautiful!
8. Making an appointment for a massage tomorrow... Mmmm...
9. Venting.
10. No bad headache today! Yippee!


Diane said...

Sorry I didn't get to see you at Open Sanctuary last night (was spending the day with Sara...went to "Julie/Julia" - a cute movie) but I'm so thankful that you have relief from your headaches. Hope you have a painfree and lovely weekend!

the Provident Woman said...

Nutella, yummmmm!
Massage, me want.

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