Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fave Five - August 14th

I can't believe it's Friday again already! Goodness, the summer is flying by and fall will be here before we know it! Anyway, today I'm linking up to Susanne's Living to Tell the Story to share our Fave Fives of the week... So here's mine:

1. Going to Irish Fair last Sunday afternoon. So fun to hear some music, listen to people speak with the accent, see art work, smell foods, and look at crafts... It made me miss Ireland already! I can't wait to go back again...

2. The ability to take it easy on the days I have migraines and bad headaches. I'm blessed with understanding friends, co-workers, and family. I'm able to close myself off from the world for a few hours of rest in quiet and darkness - and know that the world goes on.

3. Nutella addictions. I'm afraid I've created some monsters by introducing friends to Nutella. Try it only if you dare... You may find yourself putting it on everything you eat... except maybe Cheese-its. I hear that's not so good! Ha ha ha.

4. A girls' day out to lunch and services at the Aveda Institute with my youngest sister, Kayla. We had awesome lunch at Wilde Roast Cafe in Minneapolis. She got a beautiful haircut and highlights... I got an 80 minute massage - focusing on migraine pressure points. Awesome.

5. A fun night at the movies with my hubby! He took me to see "Julie/Julia" - Junior Mints and all! Such a great, fun, delightful movie! I loved it! (Really not so much a "guy" movie... He was a great sport!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. No traffic this morning in the metro area.
2. The guy riding a REALLY tall bike in Minneapolis! I would have taken a picture if I wasn't driving...
3. Getting a parking spot at both places in Minneapolis - that NEVER happens!
4. A grilled cheese with bacon, tomato, and avocado. Yum.
5. The boy-child that did my massage today (I swear he was maybe 19 years old!). Goodness. He could have been one of my youth group kids... But. He did know what he was doing - it felt great, and I haven't had a neck-ache or a headache all day!
6. Being told I had great eyebrows. Ha ha ha.
7. The hubby agreeing to go to a movie - and THEN agreeing to see "Julie/Julia."
8. Junior Mints. The only time I eat them is at the movies. We go to a movie maybe three times a year. They're a treat!
9. Have you seen this picture?! It gives me the giggles everytime!
10. I have a surprise waiting for me tomorrow... As much as I hate not knowing what it is... I kind of like it, too. The anticipation is kind of fun!


viequini said...

hola, me parece que tendrias que considerar la opción de cambiar el color amarillo pastel del título del blog, es muy molesto.
me gustó mucho la frase de tu perfil. jajaja igual creo que yo soy la persona que mi perro cree que soy. adios!!

Beth said...

hmmmm Can you read your first comment? I am curious!

Yes...cheezits (I can't even spell it) and Nutella = not so good!

How was the movie?

Mom said...

Kayla had a great time and now I want to go to that restaurant--she raved about it!! Thanks for spending time with her!!

Megs said...

Translation of viequini's comment:
hello, I think it would have to consider the option to change the yellow cake in the title of the blog, it is very annoying.
I liked the phrase in your profile. jajaja well I think I am the person my dog thinks I am. adios!

Thanks, for the advice - but I change my background and colors frequently, and for now, I kind of like the yellow!
Glad you liked my dog quote - I've always liked that one!

Diane said...

I think Mike is a lot like Julia Child's husband. They are both so supportive and in love with their wives. Did Mike identify with Julia's husband (I forget his name)?

Melissa said...

So....let's talk about Nutella addictions for a moment here. I now have a 3 year old son that throws tantrums if he doesn't get some "chocolate and crackers" for a snack after his nap.

You guys created at least 2 monsters this week!

Susanne said...

Hope you're feeling better from the migraine.

An Irish Fair sounds like fun. I would totally enjoy something like that.

Carol E. said...

What a great week you had! And glad you enjoyed Wilde Roast. Isn't it great inside AND great food? Yummmmmmm. I think it is time to brag.. I have not yet run out and purchased any Nutella.

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