Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fave Five - August 7th

As I'm sitting here, ready to write my Friday Fave Five - I'm enjoying a crazy thunderstorm! Pouring rain, wind, BRIGHT lightening, LOUD thunder! The whole house is shaking... AWESOME.

Anyways... Here are my favorite things about the past week. Feel free to check out some more reflections at Living to Tell the Story!
1. Last weekend we went to Illinois to visit our friend, Mark, and his beautiful new fiance, Lindsey. We got to hang out in the town we used to live in, eat at favorite restaurants, and enjoy a relaxing weekend with friends. It was so nice!

2. Vacation Bible School at church this week. I forgot how much energy it takes to keep up with the little kids! But their imagination and innocence is so fun! I was the snack lady and really enjoyed the funny snacks that went along with the message of the day - and seeing how the kids tied the food to the theme... Goodness, they could be creative!

3. My friend, Beth, started a blog carnival on Wednesday - all about grace and where we experience it (and offer it) in our daily lives. Such a cool idea! Feel free to check it out at Ladies of Grace - if you have a story, link up!

4. Open Sanctuary on Thursday night. AMAZING experience. Check out my story here.

5. A night on the town tonight. The hubby and I met up with another Beth tonight at a local art fair, then headed out to dinner, and out to coffee at a favorite hangout from my college days. A fun evening - art, food, drinks, laughter, memories, stories, and a fun walk to the car through a quaint downtown neighborhood in the rain... A nice end to a crazy week!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. The nice man at the grocery store at 8am this morning, telling me I had a beautiful smile. He started my whole day out in such a nice way!
2. Last day of Vacation Bible School - it's been fun, but I'm ready to get back to a normal schedule...
3. A full night of sleep last night, and a 2 hour nap today... I'm starting to feel human again!
4. Squeezing in a workout today.
5. The Uptown Art Fair. I just love going every year.
6. Rain and thunderstorms. I've missed them this summer.
7. New friendships.
8. Uncommon Grounds coffee shop. Many memories there - and it's still the same! I've been going there for over 12 years - and they still make the best white chocolate raspberry mocha around!
9. Jambalaya for dinner. Hot and yummy!
10. Sleeping in tomorrow.... Yippee!


Beth said...

sounds like a great week! Glad I got to be part of it...and here is to some normalcy!

Carol E. said...

You DO have a beautiful smile.

Susanne said...

Your week sounds very busy but very wonderful. VBS is always fun with all the excited youngsters.

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