Thursday, August 20, 2009


My youngest sister, Kayla, and I headed to the big city tonight for a little Jason Mraz concert! Kayla's first big concert - at the Xcel Energy Center. 2 great opening acts - K'Naan and G. Love and Special Sauce. 11,000 fans. High energy. Great music. Awesome seats. A marriage proposal on stage. Positive vibes all around. Gotta love it. Totally. Love it.

If you haven't heard of Jason Mraz - here's his latest hit "I'm Yours." Listen to it. It will make you smile and want to dance. Love it.

Here's a couple of quick pics from the show:
(No, I didn't take that one - that's thanks to the Star Tribune. I was close, but not that close!)
(And this one looks much farther away than we actually were... I had to take it with my cell phone... But you get the idea.)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Remembering my overnight bag and concert tickets when I left the house!
2. A quiet day at the office.
3. Getting an unexpected chance to go home for a quick nap before the big night out!
4. Seeing the hubby for 10 minutes before I had to leave (I thought I wouldn't see him at all today...).
5. A fun meeting with one of my youth group kids, Jason. He's great.
6. Taking the back way into St. Paul. Kelsey - thanks for showing me!
7. Kayla's excitement over the concert. So fun to be able to do that for her!
8. Great seats! Even I was impressed with myself!
9. An easy drive to my parents' house after the concert - it was unexpectantly easy to get out of the city!
10. Having a sleepover with Kayla at my parents' - laughing at her talking, and giggling, in her sleep!

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