Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Love is an opening of the heart. It's like the sun shining. The sun just naturally shines. It doesn't discriminate, shining on this person but not on that one. It just shines, because it's the nature of the sun to give warmth. Some people go inside and close the doors and windows; that's their problem. The sun is shining anyway. And it's that quality of heart which we have to develop. That quality of open, unconditional loving, no matter what."
--Tenzin Palmo

In light of the kick-off of Beth's blog carnival, "Ladies of Grace," I thought this was an interesting quote!

I even found another example of being aware of the condition of my heart on the way to work this morning... A woman, in an obvious hurry, totally cut me off in traffic this morning - almost running me into the wall of a bridge! Now, I normally can't stand bad drivers... and sometimes have used some choice words to describe my distaste for their behavior... But this morning, as my first reaction was to get mad, I found myself wondering what was she in such a hurry for?

Was it work? Was she going to her child? Was someone in the hospital? Was she emotionally upset and just unaware of her surroundings on the road? I found myself praying for her... for her safety the rest of the way to her destination, for other peoples' safety while she was driving in this state of hurriedness, and for the rest of her day to be filled with blessings that will help her to take more time in her journeying...

Totally not my usual reaction to such rude behavior while driving! But it was interesting to feel myself notice my hardened heart once again... and to do something about it.

I hope your day is filled with the shining of the sun, with the unconditional love of God, and with an amazing joy!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Not getting into a car accident this morning.
2. A softened heart.
3. Funny responses to the snack at VBS today.
4. The other VBS volunteers - it's been so fun getting to know them better!
5. The dog's cuddles when I don't feel good.
6. Beth and Jason graciously letting me re-schedule our meeting for next week.
7. Open Sanctuary tonight. Wow. Read about it here.
8. My hubby made the snacks for tomorrow's VBS while I was at church tonight. What a sweetie!
9. He also picked up the house, left me a nice note, and took care of the dog when she wasn't feeling well either... I love him.
10. Hopefully, going to bed early.


Beth said...

Love it! I think this experiment is so cool!

Mom said...

I think you are really lucky to have Mike in your life!!!(So are we--)

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