Monday, August 3, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook - August 3rd Edition

For Today...

Outside my window... Night time has come... I'm a little late on this today. A slight breeze. Crickets chirping. A beautiful almost full moon.
I am thinking... of the weekend already... A quiet weekend at home with no plans sounds SO wonderful to me right now!
I am thankful... for a quiet night at home last night... I need some more of those, I think.
From the kitchen... Hmmm... Healthy stuff. I'm re-starting Weight Watchers today. Bummer. I am wearing... Pjs. Geesh. I either write this on Mondays when I don't leave the house and am in my pjs, or late at night when I've already changed back into the pjs! I think they are my blogging uniform!
I am creating... snacks for Vacation Bible School. Pickles, cream cheese, and ham wraps for tomorrow - to symbolize God's love embracing us, even when we're in a pickle! Ha ha ha. They're yummy, anyway....
I am going... to enjoy this week of VBS. I get to wear camping and hiking gear to work everyday (we're doing "Discovery Canyon"), play with little kids, and be goofy with both the kids and adults! It's an early morning and a long week - but so worth it!
I am reading... "The God I Never Knew" by Marcus Borg, and something about congregational development (sounds fascinating, I KNOW!). Oh! And a Dean Koontz book in those rare moments when I can read for fun.
I am hoping... I can stick to my eating and exercising plans this week!
I am hearing... crickets.
One of my favorite things... hearing one of the little girls at VBS tell me, "I really like this place!" So cute!
A few plans for the rest of the week... VBS every morning, book group, a National Night Out block party, shopping at the Cottage House junk market with my hubby, Open Sanctuary, and a very quiet weekend...
Here is picture thought I am sharing... I don't have my camera! It's still off being fixed... So here's something old from the picture folder: A picture of the Cliffs of Moher from our trip to Ireland last March. I would love to be sitting on those cliffs right now! Absolutely breath-taking!
Things I am thankful for today:

1. The hubby made me coffee this morning - and I needed it!
2. I got a thumbs up on snacks at VBS today - strawberry sherbet and nilla cookies. We simulated parting the Red Sea! Ha ha ha.
3. Little Willow being so excited about VBS. Adorable.
4. A good workout.
5. Going for a late night walk.
6. Imagination.
7. The hubby cleaned the bathrooms! Nice!
8. Paninis for dinner. So good.
9. Simply Lemonade. Delish!
10. An ipod full of good workout tunes.

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