Saturday, August 22, 2009


"Friends help us feel secure. Our footing is surer when we know that someone accepts us as we are, someone has our best interests at heart, someone is always glad to see us, someone plans to stick around. There are few blessings like the blessing of a friend."
--Emilie Barnes and Donna Otto

I went to visit my friend, Cheryl, last night. I drove 4 hours to the town where I used to work as a Youth Director - just to see Cheryl. And it was good.

Cheryl is one of those friends who has always supported me, encouraged me, daydreamed with me, fought injustice with me, laughed with me. She was a mom-away-from-home and a girlfriend to share the ups and downs of life with. We've tackled life's struggles together, we've shared the joys of milestones, and we've encouraged each other to reach for our dreams. We've opened each other's minds to new ways of looking at the world and at our faith and we continue to support each other in the journey.

We don't talk often. We see each other only about once a year. Emails are sporadic. But... When we get together... It's like I never left. It's easy and comfortable, and just right.

Cheryl is one of my guides through life. I look up to her (ha ha ha - even though she's shorter than me!). I love her.

So, yes, Cheryl - it was totally worth the drive for me to come by myself just to see YOU.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Cheryl.
2. And her husband, Wayne - who is always so sweet to me and my dog. (Even though, I'm sure he thinks I'm a little nutty! Ha ha ha.)
3. Going for walks on their land last night and this morning - what a peaceful place.
4. A mama deer and her 2 fawns meeting us on the trail. So pretty.
5. My dog showing off with her frisbee - what a ham!
6. A nice, uneventful drive home - on a beautiful day!
7. Eating lunch at the Farm Market - one of the only businesses still open in Wautoma! It's still yummy as always!
8. Talking about the daydreams of opening a bed and breakfast - and getting encouragement. *smile*
9. A quick chat with the hubby on the phone today. I can't wait til he comes home tomorrow!
10. Sleeping in my own bed tonight!

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Carol E. said...

You would be an awesome B&B host!

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