Monday, January 4, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook - January 4th Edition

For Today...

Outside my window... snowy white on the ground, and soft gray in the sky, but the sun is out! I am thankful... for a day at home! It's so good to be at home with nowhere to go!
From the kitchen... we'll be making paninis, minestrone, and salmon this week. Yum!
I am wearing... my Christmas pjs. Red and green plaid flannel pants and a red henley shirt.
I am creating... a sermon and service of worship. Uff da.
I am going... to see my little niece sometime this week! (My parents are taking care of her for the week.)
I am reading... "An Echo in the Bone" by Diana Gabaldon.
I am hoping... I feel well soon. It's been a rough week!
I am hearing... the garbage trucks... Must they be so loud?
Some plans for the week... a trip to Uptown for happy hour and spices from a favorite shop, book group, visits with college kids, open sanctuary, a new Bible study, dinner guests, a preparing a sermon!
One of my favorite things... is that I've been writing my blog for over a year! In the busy-ness of the holidays, I completely ignored my anniversary of blogging! Woo-hoo!
A picture thought I am sharing: Bailey is glad to be home, too.
Things I am thankful for today:

1. A day at home.
2. Helpful nurses at my clinic.
3. Heating pads.
4. Internet and phones - makes working at home easy.
5. Sweatpants.
6. Naps.
7. A spontaneous date night!
8. Sweet potato fries at the Herkimer.
9. "Kitchen Window" store in Uptown. Cool store.
10. Falling asleep during tv shows... I'd rather sleep anyway!

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