Tuesday, January 5, 2010


"Many of us confuse happiness and joy. Happiness is often triggered by external events, events we usually have no control over - you get the promotion, he loves you back, they approve your mortgage application. Happiness camouflages a lot of fears.

"But joy is the absence of fear. Joy is your soul's knowledge that if you don't get the promotion, keep the relationship, or buy the house, it's because you weren't meant to. You're meant to have something better, something richer, something deeper. Something More. Joy is where your life begins, with your first cry. Joy is your birthright...

...Being grateful. That's the first step to the path of joy."
--Something More, by Sarah Ban Breathnach

A friend recently told me there was a follow-up book to "A Simple Abundance" (the daily readings I've been doing over the past year). I was so excited to see what it was - and I think it will be good. A Simple Abundance focused mainly on gratitude... and now, we step into a journey into Joy. I'm excited to see where this one takes me - I hope you'll come along!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. The ability to work at home - with my heating pad.
2. Minestrone soup.
3. Feeling good about progress on Sunday's service.
4. A couple of notes from friends.
5. New books to treasure in my daily readings!
6. Hershey kisses.
7. The tv show, "The Good Wife."
8. Ginger Ale.
9. The hubby's projects - make me smile.
10. Getting excited about traveling this spring!

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