Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fave Five - January 22

Friday!!! Woo-hoo! If you're as happy as I am that it's Friday, feel free to link up to Susanne's blog and share five of your favorite things about the past week!

Here's mine:

1. Seeing "Avatar." I was VERY skeptical... but I loved it! We saw it in 3D - and I highly recommend it! It's beautifully done in so many ways, with so many neat messages... I even cried - at a sci-fi, computer-animated movie. What is this world coming to?

2. Cooking lots of new recipes! Black bean soup, spinach and cheese strata, lasagna, a new pasta sauce... Yum. Only one flop recipe last weekend. A gross sweet potato buttermilk pie. Not recommended!

3. Church on Sunday was a beautiful, moving service about the devastation in Haiti. We even found out, during the service, that 2 United Methodist pastors doing mission work, died due to the earthquake... After that was announced, we sang "Amazing Grace." Tears were shed.

4. Coming home early on Wednesday to spend time with the hubby in the evening. A nice dinner, a glass of wine, and a movie. Lovely.

5. Some really meaningful, good conversation at work this week. Sometimes when I wonder if I'm doing anything that makes a difference, just the right person comes along to show me I'm wanted and needed. It happened at a perfect time this week, from an unexpected person!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A day off.
2. Staying in my pjs til noon!
3. The hubby coming home early!
4. Godiva hot cocoa. Mmmm...
5. A new book - "The Happiness Project." Sounds right up my alley!
6. Mom's doctor appointment went well!
7. Plans with Em tonight!
8. A playful dog.
9. Hugs.
10. Watching my soap opera today... Ha ha ha.


Lisa notes... said...

I’ve been skeptical of Avatar, too, but maybe I need to take the plunge. My husband would be so shocked at me. :-) Thanks for sharing your week.

Beth said...

I just bought the Happiness Project..well I ordered it! AND I watched my soap today....Sounds like you had a great week!

Brenda said...

I enjoyed seeing Avatar too, but I just took the movie at face value and did not try to read anything in to it.

I also love trying new recipes. But I have not heard of the book Happiness project, I'll have to look it up.

Sis said...

My 19 and 16 year olds went to see Avatar together and loved it. They also just took it at face value, and said it was a lot of fun. They have me convinced I should see it too. Congrats on staying in your pjs all morning! :)

Susanne said...

Love #5. I love when God sends just the right person with the right words when we need it most.

Your church service sounds like it was very moving and meaningful.

Have had no desire to see Avatar for some reason. Maybe I'll have to go see it after all.

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