Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memory Box Thursday - January 21, 2010

So, I'm taking some weeks to go through my memory boxes - to do an archeaological dig through my life... Excavating relics, and writing down the memories that are associated with them... Here's another 10 for this week:My "Youth Conservation Corps" badge: I spent a summer (I think after my sophomore year of high school) working for the Minnesota Vally National Wildlife Refuge, with the youth Conservation Corps, doing all kinds of interesting things! It was a summer of record-breaking floods in the Twin Cities metro area, so we got to do a lot of flood clean-up along the Mississippi River, building new boardwalks, clearing trails, and sawing up downed trees. We got to be the people to place signs and markers on newly acquired land - so, got to be the first to really explore new prairies and wetlands for the Wildlife Refuge! And we got to help with a lot of studies - bird-bandings, gypsy moth traps, and goose and egret counts. It was early mornings, long days, and hard work - but one of the best jobs I've ever had!

My work gloves from my Youth Conservation Corps job: These gloves have seen MANY days of hard work! They're covered in paint, stain, mud, dust, they're ripped and worn - and altogether cool. A great reminder of a fun summer!
My Ink Spot Tattoo Studio pen: Ha ha ha. I can't believe I still have this! This was a studio in Stevens Point, WI. One day, a friend of mine announced she was going to get her eyebrow pierced... another friend jumped in and said she wanted to pierce her tongue... and at the time (when I was much thinner), I wanted my belly button pierced. So, off we went! The three of us, and a few other friends (for support) went and got it done! Uffda. All I can say, is it was a bonding experience, to be sure. So funny. But, none of us passed out! (And I'm pretty sure, none of us still have our piercings....)

My 6th Grade Photo from Country Hills School in Brea, CA: We only lived in California for one full school year, and 6th grade was it! It's funny to look at what everyone is wearing in the picture - bright, tacky colors, leggings, beach t-shirts, keds, very funny. It's fun to see the girls that made that year and half of my life so fun: Galit, Della, Kirsten, Jennifer, and Kelly.

"The Kids from Fame" cassette: Oh dear. If I could only count the number of times I belted out the songs from this tape as a little kid! I had a leotard, leg warmers, and thought, despite my lack of coordination, that I could be one of these talented people! (I think I might take this tape in the car with me tonight... Just for a little stroll down memory lane... and it's still cold out, the windows are up... I may be able to sing along!)

My first Gideon New Testament Bible: My high school Sunday school teacher, Drake, was a member of the Gideon's, and for our first mission trip, he gave each one of us a New Testament to bring with us. For a long time, I carried this little Bible in my backpack or purse, brought it on mission trips... I have things highlighted and a notes written inside. Drake was always great at encouraging us to continue our faith walk everyday - not just on Sundays. This little pocket Bible was a great symbol of that!

My "Just Say No" button: Yikes. That's old. In elementary school, I walked in the "Just Say No" parade in Newark, Ohio. We had the green t-shirts with white lettering, and the buttons. I think I was part of a group that signed a pledge as elementary kids that we would "say no." That pledge was only the beginning - I was also part of groups through high school that promoted healthy and responsible choices.
A twig with a star in the center: I'm pretty sure that my Grandpa used his pocket knife to show me the secret of this twig. He cut it at the node, and a star was inside! Very cool. I kept it all these years... Another reminder of my Grandpa.
My Renaissance Festival season pass medallion: The first summer that the hubby and I were back in Minnesota, my dad bought us season passes to the Renaissance Festival. We loved it! We were able to go down and spend Sunday afternoons listening to great music, sitting in the sun or shade, visiting our favorite shows or shops... maybe even having a turkey leg and a Guinness for dinner! It was a wonderful end to our summer - and we almost always ran into Dad! We know just the spot to find him...

My Girl Scout vest: Ha ha ha. This has always been a bit of a joke. I think of the few badges that are on it, most are superglued... I probably had the vest with the fewest badges... We didn't really take scouts very seriously, like some families... It was just something fun to do for awhile. Mostly, the site of the vest just makes me laugh!

So there you have it. 10 more funny little things from my life thus far... I'm off to listen to my "Fame" cassette now... If only I could find a tape player...

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Finally getting my paycheck deposited!
2. A day with only a few distractions.
3. Getting caught up at work. Busy week!
4. Good news at work - someone's health is improving, and we have another couple who wants to join! Yeah!
5. A good meeting tonight - lots of good ideas, positive feedback, and a "thank you" for all my hardwork. (I know I shouldn't need that, but it did feel good...)
6. A little Bailey's Irish Cream.
7. An interesting conversation about our purpose in life. Someone was questioning theirs... and I realized that's something I don't really question... It felt kind of good to realize that I'm content with my life.
8. Excitement and follow-through at work. It's fun to hear people's stories of how our recent programs and implementations are affecting people's lives.
9. Open Sanctuary - always a peaceful part of my week.
10. Warm, cuddly blankets to curl up in after a cold day.


Mom said...

Your excavation brings back great memories for me also!!! Esp. the "Fame" tape----esp. you and Emily in leotards and leggings!!!

Andrea, the collector said...

Love hearing the little things about your grandfather. Very sweet.

And on somewhat of a whim/dare/crazy streak, I got my beely button peirced too. A story I'll have to tell you sometime! I didn't pass out...but thought I was going to the first time I had to clean it. Owwwie!

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