Sunday, January 10, 2010

Magic Number

"Many of us walk around with a dollar amount in our heads - an amount that, if we had it, would make us feel prosperous, secure, and successful...

"...We have to keep in mind that we're not on this earth to give our money a great life piling up in the bank; the money is here to help us live better. If we can keep that subtle reminder with us every time we imagine our future fortunes, the amounts we have and the ones we imagine we might have one day can change, but the feeling of prosperity and contentment will be the same, and that's what counts."
--by Mina Parker, from "Less is More"

As the New Year is upon us, the hubby and I are getting ready to spend a day working on our budget for the year... a time that usually frustrates and upsets me. I always stare at the numbers thinking things will never change... We will never feel like we have enough... We will always be in debt and looking for ways to bring in more.

But this year... I think we're both looking at it differently. For the first time, we both really realize that how we see our financial issues is all about the choices we make. And we're excited to think about those choices for the coming year! We're excited that we can make room for a trip to Europe in March, we're excited to spend some time in Alaska with my sister and her family this summer, we're excited to begin saving for a dream to come true, and we're excited to put aside a chunk for charity. We realize that sacrifices will be made to make these things happen... But we're excited about it!

I have no reason to complain about money - I never have. I've always been fed, housed, in nice clothes, with transportation, and money to spare on fun. I'm done feeling like there's never enough - and enjoying looking at the abundance that fills my days!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Having confirmation again! I've missed the boys.
2. A pretty good church service - I wished I felt better and had more energy, but it went pretty well.
3. A few people telling me they learned something new or were touched by parts of my sermon.
4. The hubby noticing when I didn't feel well, and getting my stuff to go.
5. A two hour nap when I got home.
6. Spending time with my niece, Finley, at my parents!
7. Playing with post-it notes - Fin and I sticking them to each other's foreheads.
8. A hug, kiss, and "I wuv you" as she went to bed.
9. Being at my parents' house to comfort my sister, Kayla - lots of hugs.
10. Coming home in time to watch "Brothers and Sisters."

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