Saturday, January 2, 2010

Photo Hunt: Lick

Ha ha ha. I was playing with my settings and tried this shot, just to see how it turned out - not realizing the hubby was being a goofball. Bet he didn't think I kept it! Now it's my photo for the topic "Lick" on Photo Hunt. Ha ha ha!

Things I am thankful for today - and yesterday:

1. Sleeping in.
2. Breakfast with Marnie, a friend from high school - so fun!
3. Many "thank you, Auntie Megan"s from my nephew, Brandon!
4. A fresh salad for dinner.
5. A trip to REI - it felt good to get out of the house for a bit.
6. Jokes about getting older - and realizing I'm happy at this age.
7. Oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar. Yum.
8. Seat warmers in the car.
9. Getting home.
10. Travel books about Amsterdam, Belgium, and Paris!

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