Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"If we could literally reach into you and remove all your fears – every one of them – how different would your life be? Think about it. If nothing stopped you from following your dreams, your life would probably be very different. This is what the dying learn. Dying makes our worst fears come forward to be faced directly. It helps us see the different life that is possible, and in that vision, takes the rest of our fears away.

Unfortunately, by the time the fear is gone most of us are too sick or too old to do those things we would have done before, had we not been afraid. […] Thus, one lesson becomes clear: we must transcend our fears while we can still do those things we dream of."

--Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler

Our next book for book group is going to be talking about fears... I'm so curious. I don't usually think of myself as an overly fearful person, but when I really think about the things that make me nervous, worried, anxious... I think I have a lot of fears!

I like this quote - especially, "We must transcend our fears while we can still do those things we dream of." Good advice for us all, huh?

Do have fears that hold you back?

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A normal day at work. I'm liking routine.
2. Immunity tea. Yum.
3. Warm leftovers for lunch and dinner.
4. Details about our church trip to Israel in 2011 - I'm so excited!
5. Feeling productive.
6. Feeling appreciated at work.
7. Book group.
8. The cool feeling of so many things in my life connecting on lots of levels.
9. Getting home in time to watch "The Good Wife."
10. Popcorn.

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Beth said...

My fears are mostly family related...they exhaust me most of the time... I think the book we will be reading will help to define those fears and give directions...

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