Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Hunt...

Yeah... the Photo Hunt theme today was "Balance," but I got nothing... and since I don't link up to them anyway, I thought I'd post something better.

My baby sister got first place in her first speech tournament of the year. Woo-hoo! Big sis is so proud.
(And that necklace she's wearing? That was her good luck piece. The hubby and I gave it to her - a gift from Ireland. She said she thought she might need a little "Irish luck" today. Ha ha ha. I love it!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A lazy morning.
2. Staying in my pjs til 2pm.
3. Poached eggs and toast for breakfast - a little Irish theme to the day...
4. Watching "Runaway Bride" on tv. I giggle out loud at that one!
5. Smoked salmon from Alaska for lunch - thanks Em and Karlin! It was YUMMY!
6. Going to the movie, "Leap Year." I don't know that it was the best movie I've ever seen... But I LOVED the seens of Ireland!
7. Irish men. Sarcastic, free-spirited drunks... They all make me smile.
8. Kayla winning her speech tourney!
9. Making Ghirardelli brownies for my confirmand's birthday. Yum.
10. Life is good.

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Beth said...

Congrats to Kayla! Your day sounds relaxing and what Saturdays were made for!

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