Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memory Box Thursday - January 28, 2010

Here we go again...  what other embarrasing stories can I come up with about myself?  I'm going through my "memory box" of objects, scraps of paper, and other memorabilia...  Writing down pieces of my life - as a way to discover new things, remember old things, and have a little fun doing it!  So this week, we have...
My Brownie Sash.  Ha ha ha.  Only 3 badges ON the sash - and a pile of them next to it...  Mom never really got into the sewing the badges on...  And the ones that are on the sash - barely!  Ha ha ha.  Let's see here...  Cookie badges, camping badges, an "international friendship" badge, a litter pick-up badge, and of course, a flag ceremony badge.  I'm actually surprised I have as many as I do!  Our troop didn't seem to do a whole lot - we couldn't even keep leaders.  No one wanted to work with our crazy group of girls!

An "I (heart) John Clem School" button.  John Clem was my elementary school in Newark, Ohio.  It was a good place - but the best part?  John Clem was a little drummer boy in the Civil War, who eventually worked his way up to General.  When my family went to Washington DC on vacation, we found his grave at Arlington National Cemetary.  Cool, huh?

A book of memories from my 6th grade class at Country Hills school in Brea, California.  Every student was invited to write down a strong memory from their life so far...  "Some are happy, some are sad, some are funny, and some are incomplete.  But isn't that the way that memories are?"  Cheesy.  Let's look and see what I wrote about...Interesting...  I'm on the very last page.  I wrote about the time I went to a "Friday the 13th" party in 5th grade.  We watched Freddy Krueger movies all night long, and when we were finally ready to go to sleep - we turned off the tv... and the sound of metal against metal was heard!  (This is the sound of Freddy's metal fingernails on pipes.)  We all screamed and woke up the girl's dad - he got mad and wouldn't look around for us.  We tried to go back to sleep - and it happened again!  We were all so scared we didn't know what to do...  Finally, her dad went outside and looked around - and we all heard a bunch of laughter.  Turns out, her dad's employees knew there was a slumber party at his house that night, so they came to scare a bunch of little girls.  Well, they did a nice job!  Ha ha ha.

A little cross-stiched rainbow.  This used to be my grandma, "Baba's."  When she died, my dad gave it to me to put on my desk to remember her.  I've always kept it close by.  Everytime we see a rainbow, we all say "Hi, Baba!"

My "Your Land and My Land" booklet from my high school Government class.  This booklet includes the history of the flag, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Star-Spangled Banner, The Gettysburg Address, and a list of the Presidents and States.  Government was probably one of my favorite classes in high school.  I loved studying these things - and liked examining my own beliefs about politics for the first time.  Mr. Cwodzinski was a great teacher - energetic, fun, and inspirational!

My "University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point" student ID.  Ha ha ha.  This got me food, books, and helped me register every semester.  I had to carry it all 4 years...  And they didn't tell you when you were getting your picture taken!  So I have out-of-control bangs, and frizzy hair.  Ahhhh....  The horror!  (And if you said you lost it and needed a new one... they'd pull up your old picture and charge you for it!  Ugh.)
My "Letters" from high school - the "95" for graduating in 1995.  Yep.  I didn't do enough "qualifying" activities to earn the whole "EPHS" and a letter jacket... just the "95."  And that was only because of choir...  If you weren't a jock - forget it.  But I did do:  Art club, Explorers Club - Natural Resoures, Environmental Club, SADD, Peer Counseling, Circle of FIRE, Key Club... and probably more.  I wasn't exactly a slacker!
A rainbow painted rock with a cross on it.  The summer before my senior year of college, I was the Interim Youth Director at my home church in Minnesota.  It was my first time working with kids in this kind of capacity - and I loved it.  We brought spirituality back to the projects and fellowship we did, and I got to bring a group of confirmands to summer camp for a week.  One of the projects we did was to make "prayer rocks."  I still have mine - and I've had every youth group I've worked with make them!

My prom pictures.  Gross.  Ha ha ha. I went with the kid who lived up the street.  We both wanted to go to prom and didn't have dates - so we went as friends.  It was still fun.  Our prom was held at the International Market Square in Minneapolis - very cool.  The boys had decided that we would go for a limo ride before the prom, then head out to Lake Minnetonka for a boat ride afterwards (a cruise boat).  It was fun, we felt cool - and that's what mattered, right?
Lastly, 2 little paper boats made out of movie ticket stubs.  I've always like making paper boats out of ticket stubs, napkins, dollar bills, etc.  These are from some of my first dates with my hubby!  One of the is "The Green Mile" - great movie!

So there you have it...  some more silly glimpses into my "oh-so-exciting" life!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Open Sanctuary tonight - crying and praying with someone dealing with health issues.  I'm so amazed by her faith and hope and continue to pray for her every day!
2.  Our Bible Study group - only four of us, but what great conversations about our unique journeys in faith.  I love getting to know these ladies!
3.  We took a moment to remember our baptism and bless each other, "You are a child of God, beloved, precious, and beautiful to behold!"
4.  Time to chat with Diane.  We've been so busy lately - it was nice to chat again!
5.  My friend, Beth, jumping into action with our Mission Team to help me out!  Thanks, Beth!
6.  Noticing, on Carol's blog, that I am somehow "mature beyond my years."  Goodness!  What sparked that?!
7.  The hubby getting our taxes mostly done. It's looking good!
8.  Coming home to curl up on the couch with a blanket and some tv.
9.  Immunity Tea - I think it works! 
10.  The dog doing tricks for popcorn.  So cute.

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