Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm always amazed at the funny comments people make about the hubby and I.

A few weeks ago, when we went sledding with a couple of families from church, the hubby and I went down the hill, and when we got up - we were laughing, he helped me up, and we linked arms and walked back up the hill together. Seems normal to me... When we got to the top, the other adults were snickering and asked how long we had been married? 6 years. "And you're still this NICE to each other?!" Incredible.

Tonight, at book group, one of the my friends was talking about an adorable elderly couple at the doctor's office, whispering sweetly to each other, holding hands, obvious love and concern in their eyes and voices. She said it was such a sweet moment to witness... And another friend whispered, "and that will be Megan and her hubby."

Oh geesh. It's cute. I hope it IS what my marriage is like when we are that age! But sometimes I think people think I have a fairy-tale marriage and life, and I'd just like to say: I'm not perfect (I know, hard to believe!), the hubby's not perfect (crazy, I know!), we do actually fight once in awhile...

But, we DO like each other - that's why we got married. We DO have fun together - almost always! And gosh-darn-it, I like US.

So what if we're cheesy and cute?

Happy Tuesday!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Pastor Penny's back from vacation!
2. A normal day.
3. Getting a lot of work done.
4. A free sandwich for dinner!
5. Book group - I've missed these ladies!
6. A visit with Rebecca.
7. Leftover tirimisu when I got home. Yum.
8. A new tea - very yummy.
9. Lots of reading today - good books!
10. The hoar frost this morning was beautiful!


Beth said...

I don't think it is cheesy...but admirable...not everyone can show their affection to one another...and sometimes it just never happens... sometimes people settle and are not really in love when they get married! I will just call you Cheesball!~ Just kidding

Rowe said...

I also think it's a bit sad that others would make comments about your displays of affection for each other. If you were getting a bit too amorous publicly, well maybe people would have a point. But if it's just all cheesy and cutesy, well, good for you both, if that is what makes you happy then more cheese please :)

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