Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Cherish the gift of humor.  Life doesn't need to be so gloomy.  Spirituality doesn't need to be so serious and somber.  Work doesn't need to be that way either.  Learn to see humor in life.  Look for it.  Find it.  Enjoy it.  Surround yourself with people who like to laugh.  Being around people who laugh can open us up to the power of humor in our own lives.  Laughter can become contagious.  There is something magnetic, something healing, about being around people who let themselves laugh often."
--Melody Beattie

Today was a rather ho-hum day.  Nothing bad happened... I just feel like I'd like to get away...  Much daydreaming about warmth, beaches, green trees!

Ha ha ha - but I know I'm lucky.  I do laugh - all the time.  I work with people who make me laugh.  I come home to a hubby who makes me laugh.  I have friends who laugh with - and at - me all the time.  Life is good.  No more ho hums.  Time to laugh! (Book group is tonight - that will bring much laughter!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sunshine!
2.  Laugher at work.
3.  So many leftovers to choose from!  (I love bringing two hot meals to work on 10 hour days!)
4.  Inspirational readings.  They make me smile.
5.  Talking about our fears at book group - very interesting and enlightening.
6.  Heat.  Goodness it's cold here!
7.  Popcorn.
8.  Getting excited for a vacation (still two months away).
9.  Venting.  Sometimes you just have to do it.  Then you can move on.
10.  Tylenol PM.  Good night!

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