Thursday, June 25, 2009


"All that we have and are is one of the unique and never-to-be repeated ways God has chosen to express Himself in space and time. Each of us, made in His image and likeness, is yet another promise He has made to the universe that He will continue to love it and care for it."
--Brennan Manning

An interesting quote on the day we lost two amazing American icons: Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I don't know their faith stories or what they believed in - but I do know they exhibited great talent and extraordinary gifts. Farrah's fight with cancer and her decision to share it with the world is a gift to anyone who fights that battle.
And of course... I will always remember dancing around around the living room to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album - leg-warmers, leotard, and all... (And yes, I had this poster hanging in my room all through elementary school... I was probably the only "white" girl in my school to have a crush on Michael! I will admit, the poster was hung on the inside of my closet door - not because I was embarrassed, but because ET gave me nightmares... Ha ha ha.)

Rest in peace, Farrah and Michael.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. The gifts and talents that make each of us unique.
2. The "little" things we can do to make someone else's life easier.
3. Being awake when the hubby left for work - and making his lunch (trust me - that NEVER happens!).
4. A productive day.
5. People who continue learning about God's work in the world - even after the fact.
6. Spending time with some youth group kids - talking about family and pizza! Lots of giggles.
7. Pool time!
8. I have a new job title: Director of Youth and Outreach. Woo-hoo!
9. Aloe.
10. Delicious leftovers!


Beth said...

Lindsay is totally freaked by ET... she shudders! Looks like today is going to be a great pool day!

Melissa said...

Wa-hoo for a new job title! I'm still in shock about the whole Michael Jackson story. I've been singing his songs all day own little tribute.

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