Sunday, June 14, 2009

Confirmation Sunday

Today was Confirmation at one of my churches. I got to help three wonderful youth get their robes on, pin their flowers on their lapel, pose for pictures, know where to stand and when... It was so fun. I have met with these kids for two years - teaching and learning. Laughing and sharing. And they have made me proud.

Patrick is the quiet type. (Which I don't blame him for... He was in a group with me and two 8th grade girls!) He's very smart - he could recall the answer from last year's lessons, no problem! He's a deep thinker, someone searching for where his spirituality fits into his daily life. He's thoughtful, caring, and attentive to everything and everyone around him. He has a twinkle in his eye and is quick to smile. I've had a ball getting to know Pat.

Samantha is a feisty one! She's always got something to say. She's smart and has a great memory - so is quick to correct us when we're wrong! She loves her family - especially her little sister. She's fun and full of life and energy - and can't wait to explore the world! She is so proud of her Grandma that does mission and service work, and can't wait to follow in her footsteps. She's strong and confident, ready for a challenge! I'm excited to see where her faith journey takes her.

Kayla is full of spunk! She makes me laugh everytime I see her. She amazes me with her blunt honesty and real questions. She's willing to try new things - especially to experience new ways to look at faith. She has been open to where God is working in her life, expressing the things she is thankful for, and asking for prayers. She is someone who won't let anyone boss her around or get in her way - and she does so with a mischievious grin and a giggle. She's a blessing to any group.

These are the three youth that confirmed today. Next week is my last Sunday at this church. It will be a sad day - but I am so proud of the youth that I have worked with! The thought of them makes me smile.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A smooth Confirmation service.
2. Patrick.
3. Samantha.
4. Kayla.
5. A GORGEOUS day!
6. Seeing a deer on our nature trail during our walk tonight.
7. Yummy leftovers.
8. Excedrin Migraine.
9. Finley my niece, walking!!! 10. Pix messaging on my phone.

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Diane said...

You speak so effortlessly about the confirmands that it's obvious how much you enjoyed them individually and as a group and how proud you are of their individual faith journeys. Those young adults were truly blessed by your guidance. Sure wish I had had a confirmation leader like you - no insult implied, Rev. Reinemann!

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