Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday in Pitt

We woke up to banana peanut-butter pancakes and bacon! Mmmm... I have a good brother-in-law, huh? Delish.

After Karlin left for work for the day, Em, Fin and I headed out to the Pittsburgh Art Festival. A beautiful day! Gorgeous sun and warm breezes - perfect (especially when I heard it was 50 degrees and rainy in MN!). We enjoyed looking through the booths of art, listening to some music, soaking up some sun - and major people watching! We even saw these funny guys supporting the Penguins hockey team (who are in the Stanley Cup) with these cute hats... I just kept thinking how hot their heads must be!

Finley was having fun playing with her hat, dancing to the music, and enjoying the water fountain. A fun day to be sure.
(Ha ha ha - a gust of wind blows the poor kid silly!)
Later on, back at the apartment, Karlin and Em made some FABULOUS fajitas on the grill for dinner. Yum. We went for a nice walk later in the evening. And watched the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons." I LOVED this movie. I think it could be one of my favorites of all time.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Saturday breakfasts are the best.
2. Finley's hat. It cracks me up.
3. Getting to see so much more of Pittsburgh than I've seen in past visits. Now, I can see why my sister likes it so much!
4. Soaking up warmth and sunshine.
5. Silly hats.
6. My first visit to Whole Foods. (Good thing I don't have one in my immediate neighborhood... I would shop there as much as Trader Joe's!)
7. Fajitas - I love fajitas.
8. Getting to watch a movie! (The hubby and I have not owned a DVD player for over a year... We don't see many movies these days...)
9. Going for walks - helps me stay in my routine while away from home! And what a nice way to enjoy the evening...
10. Peanut butter banana milkshakes. Yum.


Melissa said...

Ah, I love sundresses on little girls. It's my favorite!

Beth said...

I know where there is a Whole Foods...I will go with you some day???

Carol E. said...

I love Fin's little side pony tail. Cute!!

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