Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday in Pitt

(I brought this funny little turtle night-light for Finley - he's so cool. But let me tell ya, he was a pain in the behind to get through security at the airport! He was scanned, x-rayed, taken apart, and scanned again. Who would have thought?! Goodness.
But Fin loves him - she gives him rides in the laundry basket and loves to push the buttons to turn the colored lights on and off - green, blue, orange, off, blue, green, orange, off...)

So... My first day in Pittsburgh with my sister, Emily's, family. I enjoyed a nice morning to myself (they were at work, and Finley, my niece, likes her daycare, so she went). It's the first relaxing morning to myself I've had in awhile, so I decided to sleep in, get caught up on some work and take a little time to read.

Em and Fin were home in the early afternoon, so we talked and played. It was nice just to hang out and giggle with the girls. Then when Em's husband, Karlin, came home, Em and I got to go out for the evening. We went to my favorite Pittsburgh spot for dinner - Point Brugge. Yum. Coconut curry mussels and frites (fries), with a yummy Belgium beer. Life is good.

Then, since I missed book group in MN this week, I joined my sister at hers! They are discussing the book, "Eat Well", published by Culture is Not Optional. It's all about how our consumer and eating habits reflect our Christian values - especially about buying locally, eating organic, taking the time to prepare meals and eat them together... All about our habits surrounding food and how they reflect our values. It was an interesting discussion with some very cool ladies!

After book group, we headed out to a jazz club, Gullifty's, for some delicious dessert and coffee. It was a nice girls night out. Something my sis and I practically never get. Loved it.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Sleep. I needed it so bad!
2. Em and Karlin worrying about me because I slept so long. LOL
3. Watching Fin boogie to her "Classical Kids" DVD.
(The shirt that Fin is wearing in this picture was my sister's... 25 years ago, maybe? So funny to think of my sis as that small! )

4. Karlin watching the Fin so Em and I could go out for the evening.
5. Point Brugge. Love it.
6. Beers with orange slices. Yum.
7. My sister's friends. All nice people.
8. Going for a walk last night - and a good talk.
9. Running through the apartment with Fin hanging onto my fingers. So cute.
10. Continuing my 90 Days of Bible reading, while on vacation!
(These are some fun letters I made for Finley's room... I'm thinking of selling customized ones on What do you think? Would people but something like this?)


Melissa said...

What a cute turtle! I love it. And yes, people would most definitely buy those. You could even let people choose their color combos if you wanted and that would make them sell like hot cakes!

Carol E. said...

Yes! I LOVE those letters! Super cute.

Andrea said...

So, I've just gotten caught up reading backwards through your posts and am going to post here. Yes! The letters are awesome! Go for it!

It sounds like you have a wonderful visit. Isn't family great? My sister is coming to visit this week and I can hardly wait. Finley is adorable!

I also like the "asking" quote. I am learning how to do that a little bit more. When I've asked for what I need, sometimes people are willing to just give it. Also, I'm learning to just tell what is really going on with me and how I'm doing. Being honest with those around me lets others in. I am touched by how willing my loved ones are to love me and help me with what I need. Open hearts=loving more easily, of that I am sure. Hmmmm...I think I want to send you a book. If you send me your address, I'll send it along.

Thanks for your kind comments today on my blog. A hug to you too.

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