Thursday, June 18, 2009

ABCs of Me

I saw this on my friend, Beth's, blog... and thought I'd give it a try today. Will you join me and do one too? I'd love to see your answers!

A - Age: 32.
B - Bed size: Queen.
C - Chore you hate: Taking out the trash and cleaning the bathrooms. (Luckily, my hubby will do both!)
D - Dog's name: Bailey.
E - Essential start your day item: Shredded Wheat and OJ.
F - Favorite color: Depends on the day. Today - green.
G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Silver.
H - Height: 5'6" on a good day!
I - Instruments you play: Oh, I wish!
J - Job title: Director of Youth Ministry... and stuff (?! Ha ha ha.)
K - Kid(s): Nope. Just a dog.
L - Living arrangements: The hubby, dog, and me in our fun little townhome.
M - Mom's name: Veloice. Ever heard that one before?!
N - Nicknames: Megs. Meganita. Auntie Meg.
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Once.
P - Pet Peeve: Bad drivers.
Q - Quote from a movie: I can recognize quotes... But I can never recite them...
R - Right handed or left handed: Right.
S - Siblings: 2 sisters.
T - Time you wake up: 7:30am or when the dog is ready to start her day!
U- Underwear: Yep.
V - Vegetable you dislike: Eggplant.
W - Ways you run late: Easily distracted...
X - X-rays you've had: Teeth, Kidneys (kidney stones - ouch!).
Y - Yummy food you make: Strawberry empanadas.

(There wasn't a "Z" on the original post... so I added one!)
Z - Zen moments, what brings you peace? A relaxing day with the hubby.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Excedrin.
2. Water.
3. Lightweight clothing.
4. Dinner with my family - including BOTH sisters and the bro-in-law!
5. "Open Sanctuary" at church tonight - so peaceful and nice.
6. The new books for book group came today! "If Grace Is True..."
7. Catching up on my Bible reading.
8. Cool showers.
9. Last night's lightening show!
10. Finding new, interesting blogs to read!

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