Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday in Pitt

Sunday - off to church! Em and Karlin attend Eastminster Presbyterian Church - a wonderful mix of cultures, races, ages, and economic statuses. It's friendly place to visit - and Em and Karlin have really made this congregation their family of faith. Very cool to be a part of.

After church, we walked back towards their neighborhood, browsing through the neighborhood-wide annual yard sales! LOTS of people out and about! Very fun to run into and meet several more of Em's neighbors and friends. We ended up eventually turning onto Bryant Street for the Bryant Street Festival, too! So much going on in this little burrough! At the festival, we thoroughly enjoyed stopping to watch a group of 20 elementary school kids playing drums from all over the world - they were amazing! Even Finley got into it - dancing away in her stroller! We found some wonderful italian sausage sandwiches for lunch... and headed home. A long and busy morning! Time for some naps...

After some heavy snoozing, Em and I went out to run a couple of errands and picked up some pizza for dinner. (This was our junk food day...) Karlin went off to work at the library for awhile, and Em and I decided to head out for some awesome ice cream at Oh Yeah's. Yum. I got kahlua ice cream with chai spice, coffee grounds, and chocolate chip cookie dough mixed in... So good. So good - we even decided to take some to Karlin! It would be cruel and unfair for us to enjoy... and him not get any!

After heading home, it was an evening of simply hanging out. Another good day in Pittsburgh.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Walking to church - I wish I could always walk to church!
2. Finley's cute sundress.
3. Experiencing the friendliness of Em's neighborhood! EVERYONE is so nice and talkative.
4. The kids playing drums - my hubby would have loved it!
5. Getting a GREAT deal on books at Borders! More books to read on the plane....
6. Finally getting to talk to the hubby for more than five minutes.
7. Pizza. I love pizza.
8. Ice cream. I love ice cream.
9. Finley playing peek-a-boo.
10. Finley saying "night night" and giving a great big, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss!

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Melissa said...

You sound like me with your thankfulness for food. :)

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