Friday, March 1, 2013

Week 7

Woohoo!  Another 1.5 lbs gone, today!  Putting me at a total of -15.5lbs in seven weeks.

This week, my struggles were wanting "nibbles" of this and that.  I ate one cookie.  I tasted the beef stew we made in the crockpot for my hubby.  I've been putting a little extra cheese on my lean and green meals.

I'm naughty.   I know.  Quite the rebel!

I also continued my 6 days/week of exercising - and added in arm weights this week!  Feeling buff already, let me tell you!  Ha ha ha.

And I realized over the last week that it is definately time for a next size down in pants.  They're beginning to look terribly unflattering - and uncomfortable!  It's no good when you're walking around, pulling up your pants all the time!  And one of my go-to Sunday morning, church sweaters?  It's a boat-neck - and everytime someone hugged me last Sunday, it fell off my shoulder!  Not cool.

So... I think my 15 lb reward this week will be a couple of pairs of pants and a couple new tops.  Just to get me through the next 7 weeks, right?!  Woohoo!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  The sounds of birds chirping - sounds like spring!
2.  Sunshine.
3.  -1.5 lbs.
4.  Hubby's good news.
5.  Friendly bank tellers that look you in the eye and use your name.
6.  Reminders.
7.  Seeing one of my youth group kids sing and dance on stage!
8.  Pizza.  Yes, I had pizza tonight.  And it was yummy.  (I shall repent of my sin tomorrow...)
9.  Compromise.
10.  Hubby holding my hand in the parking lot... 

QotD:  How could today have been better?
Geesh.  I wish I got a lot more done!

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